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Strong Heart dolls and presents from LSG fans

According to a fan account from Thursday’s Strong Heart filming, one of SeungGi’s fan cafes (SeungGi Love SunHee Love) prepared an event to celebrate LSG’s six year anniversary since his debut

SH filming, Fan account

LSG arrived around 2pm for SH filming and the recording didn’t finish until 12am.   And per usual there were fans waiting at the SBS building and LSG waved to them and laughed as he went in. 

It seems that there was an event prepared by the SeungGi Love SunHee Love Fan Cafe to celebrate LSG’s 6 year anniversary debut.  Among the gifts I got to see, there was a very pretty flower basket, outback box lunches, and Strong Heart doll pencils.  I think they may show the doll gifts on the show because KHD and LSG were holding these during the opening ment. 

It was a world cup themed show, so it seems like they asked all the guests to wear something red.  I thought LSG would be in all red, but he was wearing a red t-shirt inside and a collared t-shirt on top, paired with jeans that looked like it had some red towards the bottom (!)  His hairstyle was similar to last week’s broadcast.  He came off kind of like a college freshman (?)

Before filming started, LSG came out to the audience:

LSG:  Have you all eaten?
A:  No~~ You can buy us lunch…
LSG:  You want me to buy you lunch? He He. This is why it’s important not to make promises so easily… May I ask where are the people who brought the presents for the six year event?
A:  Here, over here!
LSG:  Ah~~ Thank you very much…

Then they started filming the opening ment. During the middle of filming later on, KHD told LSG to wave to the audience and ask them to be strong. LSG signaled to the audience and then jokingly started to reenact the Chung Jung Won cf scene… he he he. Everyone totally freaked out.

The filming was very long and KHD and LSG must have been so tired. But LSG reached out to the guests a lot, commenting to them that they must be really tired and that the filming should be finishing up soon. Him doing that was so sweet to see.

(photo credits: As labeled; leeseungki.com; tryp96 @soompi)
(fan account: DClsg; English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

2 Responses

  1. ahh~~I want to see the opening…

  2. Can I ask, when is this ep going to air? 25 May or 1 June
    Can’t wait to see…:)

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