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LSG may sing “Like the First Time” at GS25 Concert, Fan Account

Looks like Seunggi may be singing “For the First Time” from his Repackage album at the GS25 Concert on March 29th!  I loved that song when it was released as a single during the holidays!  This will be the first time he has ever sang the song live.  Not sure if the girl from Davichi will be there to do the duet with him.  If not, some female singer will have to do the duet with him live, no?  It’s not a big female vocal part but it seems like a key part of the song.  Anyway, news about LSG singing this song comes from a fan account from the March 25th filming of Strong Heart…

Today, Seunggi really talked a lot with the fans in the audience, laughing and greeting us… He asked us if we would be going to the GS25 concert on Monday. And when we said we would be going, he asked us if we knew the lyrics to “Like the First Time” and said that we should come to concert with the lyrics memorized. It seems like Seunggi plans to sing “Like the First Time” at the concert.

After the filming ended, he came and said goodbye to us. We all told him to win all three awards at the Baeksang tomorrow and he said he was really thankful to everyone, saying let’s wait and see. It really seemed like he was thankful to the fans, perhaps because of their votes for the Popularity Award. He told us to get home safely and that we must be tired from the long filming.

In addition to Seunggi, Shinee and Brown Eyed Girls will also be performing at the GS25 Love Concert.  Listen to LSG’s Like the First Time below.

(credit: LuvBiRain4)

The fan also mentioned that the Strong Heart filming started after 2pm and didn’t finish until close to 1:00am!  okay, these Strong Heart filmings are just crazy long.  It’s been said that regular filmings are like 7 hours long!  She said they had to take a bit of a break during filming because Hodong’s voice was not in good shape and that Seunggi did a good job of filling in solo while Hodong took care of that.  

And most importantly, I think seunggi’s cody may have put him in another good outfit that day!!!   Supposedly, he was dressed like a college student, perhaps in one of the Edwin v-neck sweaters from his photo shoot, and in sneakers.   Oh forgot to add in the original entry – LSG has a new hairstyle.  The fan said that he had slight perm in his hair.  Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s anything like that crazy that first Pizza Hut CF poster!  She said it looked good. :)

Also, I believe audience members are not allowed to write about guests who appeared on the show, but there was a news article a few days ago that the actors from the very popular MBC sitcom Highkick through the Roof would be on, including Hwang Jung Eom; and it will be the first time these actors have appeared on a variety show since the immense popularity of the show.  But no Shin Sae Kyung; that would be awkward with all this uncertain My girlfriend is Gumiho news!

But it’ll be interesting to see Hwang Jung Eom.  In her Ideal World Cup guy, she chose Seunggi all the way to the final two and it came down to LSG vs. Kim Nam Gil and she chose KNG at the end.  (Gosh now it’s LSG vs. KNG at the Baeksang!)  But she talked about how much she secretly liked LSG and that she loved watching his programs.  as an fyi, HJE already has a serious boyfriend and so that’s why she spoke so openly; she said that an ideal guy is exactly what is says, it doesn’t mean that’s the guy you necessarily date.

Also good news for fans, supposedly there was not trying to romantically link LSG and HJE together on this episode! :)

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  1. Always like reading a fan’s account on their encounter with Seung Gi. Real & sincere. Thanks for the translation.

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