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Extra ticket for Baeksang Awards

(credit: DClsg)

Per DClsg, a fan is looking for someone who wants to go the Baeksang Awards with her?  Something came up with her friend at the last minute and she’s unable to go, so she has an extra ticket.  Would love to get my hands on that ticket! :) 

Anyway, Baeksang Awards will take place in about 9 hours.  Per the previous post, looks like LSG and Hodong had a long Strong Heart filming session, and then LSG has CF filming today before the Awards show.  So hopefully, he’s not too exhausted. 

It looks like the 3 night 4 days 1n2d filming took a toll on Hodong; thus, the reason his voice was in bad shape at the Strong Heart filming.  People who were there said that he went to the hospital briefly during the filming to get a checkup and even after he came back, LSG did a lot of the ment, with a lot of thumbs up support from Hodong.  Hodong is so hard-working… he really is the nation’s MC! 

I’m sure more confirmed guests will trickle out throughout the day, but according to the news releases thus far some of the actors scheduled to attend include Lee Seung Gi, Kim Nam Joo, Han Hyo Joo, Moon Geun Young, So Ji Sup, Kim Hae Ja, Ha Ji Won, and other top stars.  Iris, Chuno, and Queen Sun Deok are big contenders so I’m assuming the lead actors/actresses will show up as well.  The MCs for the show will be actress Kim Ah Joong and MC Lee Hee Chae.

4 Responses

  1. Wow, i really really want to be there to support and fangirling over Seung Gi alalala. But i guess Tvants and KBSworld and the KBS streaming site are also good alternatives.

    • hey mlle can you share those links? or anyone else here? just tried kbsable right now and the buffering is horrible! stops every minute. would love to catch it in real-time.

  2. oh, the kbs streaming site i mentioned is kbsable. Otherwise you can install tvants (you can download it here :http://tvants.en.softonic.com/). Another solution is that you have kbsworld on your cable (but i think they would air it a little later). sorry i can’t be much of a help

  3. ah and since baeksang is quite a big event, maybee there would be some streaming site (life those for the gayo events last year). I would post anything else that i can find

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