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Lee Seunggi Meets With Families at Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Korea Mundipharma ‘Healing Picnic’

#CatchUpBlogPost.  November 8, 2014 Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Korea Mundipharma ‘Healing Picnic’ which Seunggi, Medifoam CF model, also joined in for the meaningful event.  English translation of the Medifoam blog post~~^^

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[GIFs] You’re All Surrounded Ep 18 – Seunggi’s Wounded Heart Bandaged by Go Ara… with ‘Medifoam’

Soosun: I, too, need courage for this.  Promise me that you won’t make fun of me.

omo Daegu’s reaction to what Soosun says~~~
his eyes say it all. Like ‘please let it be what I’m thinking!’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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[Medifoam CF Making Film] Longer Cut of Seunggi Hard At Work and Great Chemistry With Little Girl!

Yay video is finally ‘public’~~ after like 3 months! oooooh love this version of the CF Making Film.  Seunggi is just awesome.  Always love seeing him work!

[mundipharma | Seunggi’s Medifoam CF Making Video]

Client: Mundipharma | Date: 2014.05.19 | Concept: TV_CF Making Film

(omo Seunggi at 1:00~~~ ♡♡♡♡♡♡ so natural w/ little kids)

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‘Healer’ Lee Seunggi Photos on the Set of Medifoam CF

‘Healer’ Seunggi.  More Medifoam blog photos from the CF filming.
Love our guy~~~~~ We need to see him play a doctor in a future project!

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Seunggi & Little Girl Medifoam CF Filming Photos #TooCute

Medifoam blog and all the sweet photos…. SO Awwwww~~~~
More behind the scenes photos and outtakes please.

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