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Lee Seunggi Meets With Families at Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Korea Mundipharma ‘Healing Picnic’

#CatchUpBlogPost.  November 8, 2014 Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Korea Mundipharma ‘Healing Picnic’ which Seunggi, Medifoam CF model, also joined in for the meaningful event.  English translation of the Medifoam blog post~~^^

<Korea Mundipharma Healing Picnic> In Collaboration with the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation
English: LSGfan | Source: Medifoam blog, 2014.12.8
Images: Medifoam, Naver blog inserted into blog entry translation

Last month on November 8, the Nation’s representative brand for moist dressing bandage for wounds, Medifoam from Korea Mundipharma invited pediatric cancer patient families for a <Healing Picnic>.

We had a wonderful time at the <Korea Mundipharma Healing Picnic> with 23 pediatric cancer patient families, also together with Medifoam exclusive model, actor and singer Lee Seunggi! Shall we visit the warm and happy atmosphere?

The <Healing Picnic> with Korea Mundipharma and pediatric cancer patient families was held at the incredibly beautifully scenic Gapyeong ‘HS Villa.’

Korea Mundipharma executives and employees prepared delicious goodies such as macarons, a cupcake tree, cookies and more for a bright <Korea Mundipharma Healing Picnic>.

About 70 members from 23 pediatric cancer patient families came together for this wonderful event.

Like its name, the <Healing Picnic> included many different features such as delicious food, a string quartet, and wonderful people who made the place shine. The children and the families all enjoyed the happy atmosphere to the fullest!

The first program for the <Healing Picnic> was a flower decorating class in which the families created their own Christmas tress! A magic class for the kids and a treasure hunt also got a resounding response.

Of course, Medifoam model actor Lee Seunggi also joined together in the <Healing Picnic>. All the children and the family members were so happy to meet Lee Seunggi.

It was said that Lee Seunggi’s heartwarming and friendly nature had a big impact on the happy atmosphere of the healing picnic. Lee Seunggi also prepared a fan signing for the pediatric cancer patient families! There was also a family that prepared a sincere gift for Lee Seunggi.

Wanting to gift the pediatric cancer patient families with happy, healing memories, <Korea Mundipharma Healing Picnic>! The picnic ended with the children and families all so happy.

Korea Mundipharma, and also Lee Seunggi, together for the healing picnic on behalf of pediatric cancer patient families! Did you all enjoy this?

Medifoam plans to meet you all in varied ways, so please stay tuned :)!!!

This is another plus of having reputable CF endorsements.  Yeah, the lucrative contracts allow stars to donate to good causes, but also allow them to be involved in these types of meaningful events… if charitable events is important to the company and/or the CF model is active in that way. Love that Seunggi’s always been involved in these kinds of things^^

[NEWS] Lee Seung Gi, Healing Picnic with Pediatric Cancer Patients & Families ‘Heartwarming’

Actor Lee Seung Gi had a meaningful time with pediatric cancer patients & families.

According to Korea Mundipharma, Lee Seung Gi participated in the ‘Korea Mundipharma Healing Picnic’ event hosted at HS VILLE in Gapyong, Gyeonggi-do by Mundipharma and Pediatric Cancer Foundation that invited 20 families of pediatric cancer patients.

Lee Seung Gi participated as a special guest at this event to give a gift of healing to the pediatric cancer patients and their families. He held a signing event and took photos, and he was very well-received by the participating families.

source: starnews via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

Some more Naver blog pics from the Seunggi fan signing part:

Pics from Party Chef (they’ve done Seunggi project events too!):
Aw so lovely and special for the kids and their families!

Images: Medifoam, Naver blog

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