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[ENG] 10.7.2016 Channel A News – Army Event MC to Even Singing, Special Forces Lee Seunggi Update

Read English translation…

[Channel A News] Army Event MC to Even Singing, Special Forces Lee Seunggi Update
English: LSGfan, Video: 채널A 뉴스

Channel-A-Reporter: Event MC’ing to even singing, this is a face we’re very happy to meet… Special Forces Lee Seunggi~ we’ll be sharing recent news update on him and we’re happy to find out how he’s appeared these days. Let’s start by seeing Lee Seunggi’s face. (video clip of Seunggi singing at GFF shown, source: youtube^^)

[Caption: ‘Heodang’ Lee Seunggi, reborn as a real man]

Channel-A-Reporter: Ahhh singing, even despite wearing his uniform, he is still heartwarming^^ Looks like it is a celebratory event.

[Caption: ‘Special Forces’ Lee Seunggi update… MC and singing ‘special class’]

KimIlHong / The Fact entertainment chief: Yes, it’s the Ground Forces Festival.  It’s an army-sponsored event and just seeing that image of him, even though Lee Seunggi is currently serving in the military, and as a civilian and wearing his army uniform performing…

[Caption: ‘Army Service’ Lee Seunggi, army festival honorary ambassador and MC]

KIH: This was the day right after Armed Forces Day and an event that started on Oct. 2 and was held through yesterday, an event in Gyeryong.  Moreso, even though Lee Seunggi is serving in the military, for let’s say his military peers, showing that kind of really bright and cool image I think will be very helpful.

[Caption: Army event MC Lee Seunggi, manly ‘scent’]

KIH: Also he is active as the honorary ambassador, so at an army event, making it feel as if it’s a civilian stage… that is really refreshing.

[Caption: Skilled speaking ability and high class singing talent ‘noticeable’]

Channel-A-Reporter: And we prepared the poster [Real man now ‘Honorary Ambassador’ and ‘Heodang’ Lee Seunggi]… Ground Forces Festival. Gyeryong Military Culture Festival. You can see Honorary Ambassador Special Forces Private First Class Lee Seunggi’s image. 

Channel-A-Reporter: Even when Lee Seunggi enlisted for military service, not just any soldier but enlisting as Special Forces thus some said~ Lee Seunggi as expected. Well, for an event, he’s able to sing well, MC well… he really showcased his abilities, right?

HongJongSun / public culture specialty reporter: Yes, he enlisted last February 1st. And that Descendants of the Sun became very popular, the airlift platform, and hearing that he had entered the Special Forces division, people were saying whoa he’s a real descendant of the sun. And actually, as honorary ambassador, it was heartwarming when this poster alone was revealed, but then seeing this video of him singing made us even more happy to see him.

HJS: Actually Lee Seunggi, via as a combo with Kang Hodong, did a great job MCing, he is truly a strong heart. And with topnotch speaking ability and by nature great at singing, and seeing a bit more bulk on his body, seeing his heartwarming image again makes us really happy.

Channel-A-Reporter: Before Lee Seunggi enlisted for the army, it seems he kind of already sensed this. He mentioned this on a program, able to joke about his own military enlistment. Let’s check it out: “I went to get my fortune read and I was told that next year would be a good year for me. So I relayed that I have to go to the army next year and the fortune teller was telling me to push this back a little bit. So I said that I have to go somewhere, I have to go to prison or I have to go to the army…” As expected, Lee Seunggi is so witty.

KIH: Yes, although he debuted as a singer, he MC’d a lot and perhaps it’s because he learned a lot of variety skills on such programs, he had such a witty response. Actually, although he packed his age upon enlisting, he left with a lot to be missed by fans and it never felt as if he had pushed back army service.

Channel-A-Reporter: As Lee Seunggi was enlisting for the military, this wasn’t the only thing.  Let’s listen to a little bit of his song… I’m Going To The Army. This song was revealed as he was approaching enlistment day and it swept the music charts, right?

HJS: Yes it did~ All-kill on the music charts at #1. Actually, before that this was the type of sentiment among soldiers before enlisting, so we wonder if this I’m Going To The Army will become like a ‘To J’ song for our young friends these days. It feels like whatever Lee Seunggi does attracts attention. Like in the army, the image of him going to church. There’s buzz about all the little things, just saying ‘chocopies are tasty’ is news. Actually, he will be discharged next year on October 31. Even until the day he is discharged, we will anticipate that with no problems, it will be just as he had been by our side all this time as he comes back.

Channel-A-Reporter: When Lee Seunggi first appeared on variety programs, his nickname was ‘Heodang Lee Seunggi Teacher’ (lol at the male reporter chuckling^^ 1n2d golden days etched in Koreans’ hearts). He displayed heodang ways early on, but later on, whether Kang Hodong or Lee Sugeun or other sunbaes he had worked together with… it’s like he was able to dish it so well! It was seen as him being so good with his sunbaes.

KIH: I know… starting from even his expressions, Lee Seunggi has that way of talking in such a comfortable way with his sunbaes. And he’s shown that in his real life. And like for example, through his connection with Yoon Yeojung, going to Europe together for Noonas Over Flowers, even though he’s gone to serve in the military, he’ll do something like send a coffee truck to a filming site.  Seeing this kind of thing, it seems like people see him as someone who does a great job cultivating sunbae-hoobae relations.

[Caption: ‘Heartwarming Man’ Lee Seunggi, love for his sunbaes is also special class?]

Channel-A-Reporter: It does seem like he’s good at that, and even so diligent in army life. So this kind of rising favorability, that is our army special today~ returning from the army and having such favorability, who are those celebrities? Precisely marines HyunBin comes to mind…

(didn’t translate this ending part but they mentioned how Hyunbin appeared at the 2015 Memorial Day commemoration after being discharged. At this year’s 2016 Memorial Day commemoration, Seunggi led the singing of the national anthem^^)

the descriptors for our Seunggi❤ still as always❤

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for translation, I m happy to see that LSG is still loved !! Wow

  2. SeungGi is an amazing person … he crafts his success even during his military service. So proud of him

  3. That fortune teller was absolutely correct. This year was really a good year for him. He is doing active army duty and that too so perfectly gaining praises from everyone. Im very proud to be a fan of him.

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