[ENG] MBN 10.4.2016 – ‘Special Forces’ Lee Seunggi, Army Event Appearance as MC?!

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‘Special Forces’ Lee Seunggi, Army Event Appearance as MC?!
English: LSGfan, Video: MBN

Currently serving in the military with the Special Warfare Command (Special Forces), recent photos of Lee Seunggi have surfaced.  He appeared on the stage of the military festival ‘Ground Forces Festival’ opening ceremony which started a few days ago. On this day, Lee Seunggi took on the responsibility of hosting the event and performed songs after a long time for the celebratory stage.

[Image caption: Appearing at an army event is ‘Special Forces Private First Class’ Lee Seunggi.  At ‘an army festival eve event’ on October 1, active on all fronts as the MC. Source: Online Community]

Also, he made a surprise appearance at the recent Memorial Day commemoration event, garnering a lot of attention.  His manly image and ardent singing of the national anthem during the live TV broadcast of the event was impressive.  Not only that, he was even the MC at a Special Forces event, all indicating that he has been actively involved in army events.

[Image caption: Never absent at an army event is Lee Seunggi? This past June at the Memorial Day commemoration. This past August at a Special Forces event. Source: Online Community]

Since enlisting in the military and up until now, with recent photos of Lee Seunggi continuously surfacing, there has been buzz every time his army life is revealed.  Early on during his enlistment, his time during military discipline training also surfaced.  In the photo, his bright smile stood out.

[Image caption: Earlier part of enlistment ‘military discipline’ trainee Lee Seunggi. Source: Military Training Website]

Furthermore, in a photo that surfaced last June, he was seen more tan, as expected of a soldier.

[Image caption: This past June, more tan ‘Special Forces’ Lee Seunggi. Source: Online Community]

In particular, Lee Seunggi also underwent a high-level of strong training, as expected of the Special Forces. This past April, it was revealed that he even completed the hard parachute training without any difficulty.  Assigned to the Special Forces administration division, we hear that he is diligently serving in the military.

[‘Special Forces’ Lee Seunggi, parachute training also ‘easily’ completed. This past April, during Special Forces airborne training, successfully completed 200m and 730m parachute training –> afterwards, assigned to the Special Forces ‘Administration division’]

ok, what a way to start your military resume, eh?

And we’re only 8 months into his military service^^

And lest we forget, Seunggi is on hiatus from the entertainment industry…  he is actually a trained singer and a successful actor, singer, variety star, and MC.

I love that he’s achieved all these things by his own talents and name as Lee Seunggi, in addition to collaborating with talented people.

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  1. Thank you very much for translation!!!, woww, impressive, he is a strong man, I see him more handsome and happy.

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