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Seunggi for 2011 Pizza Hut World Hunger Relief Campaign

October 5, 2011.  Ackkk~ I’ve been SO missing Public Service Seunggi!  Similar to last  year’s World Hunger Relief Campaign, endorsement model Seunggi, Pizza Hut, and the United Nations World Food Program, launched the annual fundraising event to aid children suffering from starvation.  How can anyone NOT go to Pizza Hut like everyday to support this worthy campaign cause after these Seunggi messages?!~


Check out more at Pizza Hut Facebook.

OMG, Seunggi IS totally the ultimate Korean Entertainer – Public Speaker!

And the perfect Korean Entertainer – Model Student!

Photo time.  Looking so lovely, perfect and sincere!!!!!

Looking CEO-like with the United Nations World Food Program and Pizza Hut reps…

Charming the nice ladies!

Confident and comfortable with the older people…

And fitting right in with the younger people…

And, what’s up with those 2 girls standing SO close next to him????  Yes, I’m just jealous!  But even the guy, a dongseng or hyung, looks like he  feels left out too!~

I hope someday, Seunggi gets to travel abroad and personally see and work with some of these kids.  Although celebrities doing charitable work in developing countries can get unduly glamorized, there’s no denying the power of stars to get fans and the public to care and give to worthy causes.  Hope they raise A LOT of money!

(Images: DCLSG, Naver)

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