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Strong Heart’s hip hop Seunggi, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk

*** UPDATED with daebak clip of Seunggi-Teuk Academy boys! ***
See more video cuts (updating) and full episode (to be uploaded) over at Tryp96

Been anticipating since the preview clip!  It’s been forever since Seunggi’s hot dance number!  Expect Seunggi and Teuk Academy doing a rendition of old school hip hop Hyun Jin Young’s “You inside my blurry memory” on the October 11 Strong Heart.  Looks like we’ll get to hear this live from Seunggi and the guys dance like this?…

(video: ChulJinKim)

OMG~~~!!!  Can’t wait to hear Seunggi sing this live and the guys dance!~~

Love the song!  I’m guessing Seunggi’s going to open with the ballady intro part and then Hyun Jin Young will enter to rap the rest! Hyun Jin Young is AWESOME!  More behind the scenes…

Can’t help but to love this trio ever since their nervous first date together! Ha~

(Images: Strong Heart/LSGfan)

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8 Responses

  1. omo..cant waitt for this !!! Fighting !

  2. Which episode is this?

  3. Love Seung gi oppa in hoodie!!!
    Finally a chance to see Seung Gi oppa’s cool dancing and singing!!!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!! :)

  4. OMFG!!!!! Seunggi sounds A-MAZING! And he and Teuk Academy boys were awesome! Ackkkkk!

    Hyun Jin Young trying to pull his sweats lower for the true baggy hip hip look! and LOL at Seunggi’s response! Love this so much!

  5. what was his underwear? is it a boxer?

    • ok so haven’t seen the whole ep yet. but i think it was newspaper print boxers!!!! LOL. he said he had been reading/studying!

      • actually just re-watched the clip… and it’s an ACTUAL newspaper! Seunggi said so he can keep up with what’s going on in the economy! hahahaha.

  6. Where can I watch SG sole mc, strong heart full ep with eng sub? I am fm Singapore. Can we buy his new album in Singapore?

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