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Japan airport fancams of Seunggi (Summer 2010)

Per a DClsg post, supposedly Seunggi was scheduled to fly out on Sunday afternoon for a 4 night-5 day trip to Bangkok for a fashion shoot and some extra days to get some rest.  However, he has the KAA Advertisement Awards on October 21st, so unless he plans to return on that same day, I don’t get how he’ll be there that long.  Curious to see Seunggi’s airport fashion!  Per Strong Heart clip, we know he plans carefully! To commemorate Seunggi’s (supposed) Bangkok, Thailand airport trip, some high quality fancams/fan videos of Seunggi airport arrivals in Japan this year…  (All video credits: jjhsaya@youtube) ~

June 2010, Arriving to adoring fans

June 2010, Leaving the airport by car

April 2010, Arriving late at night

5 Responses

  1. He’s coming down to Bangkok! OMO!

  2. he never left his killer smile behind..

  3. i notice seung gi height become more shorter in 1n2d..
    since japan airport, he was looking tall..
    why did he lose weight and lose some height inches? T_T
    i feel sore..

  4. He’s too adorable!!!!! I love how he’s not in any way grumpy like certain celebs while at the airport and that he’s constantly smiling and waving to his fans!!! I love his outfits too!! Very casual and comfortable!! In the last clip, he was too sweets, individually greeting the few fans that were there!!! <3

  5. its really so nice of him to even put down the windows to wave at the fans.. mind you, not every Kstar can do that.. that’s why he is loved so much everywhere he goes.. and the smile.. that effing killer smile made my day.. :)

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