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NG kiss scenes, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SH cuts]

*** See BTS video of Daewoong-Miho filming long kiss scene at airport HERE ***

LSG video cuts from Oct 12, 2010 Strong Heart episode:
English subs: LSGfan; video credit: rapport2010leeseunggiworld; tryp96

Video ~ NG Kiss Scenes from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Hoi Couple fanatics, make sure to breathe as you watch their amazing chemistry!

Video ~ Seunggi serenades Hodong with Hoi song parody
omg, Seunggi could barely keep from busting out laughing! So embarrassing!

For Hoi Couple fans still in withdrawal mode:

Read more about this ep:  Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 12, 2010)

More Seunggi Strong Heart cuts:

More Seunggi Strong Heart cuts:

More Seunggi Strong Heart cuts:

17 Responses

  1. LOL at the hoi song sang by LSG for KHD! cant wait to watch the video when i get home (thats in errr.. 3mins time! yay!) as always,thanks for the translations!

  2. Thank you for the translations Ann!!!!! <3

    Question: I read on one of your posts that LSG took really good care of SMA so is there any possibility for you to translate the full fan accounts from the MGIAG SH special regarding the way that LSG treated SMA on the set? Or has it already been translated and i missed it!

    • hm, i remember it was just basically that. that seunggi really was thoughtful of minah on the set that sometimes when she seemed at a loss for what to say, he would say something first to help her out. i don’t think there were too many details beyond that. you know, usual seunggi stuff that makes us heart him! ^__^

      it’s pretty obvious from the SH cuts and the press conference vids hat they were both really comfortable around each other early on! minah is so lucky!

  3. Dear Ann,
    I know and agree with how you feel about SH putting Seung Gi on the spotlight again and again. But me personally, I never get tired of watching the kiss NG cut.

    Maybe SH just had a slow news day that day.

    Thanks so much for letting us enjoy it.

  4. “You can’t do rehearsals with kiss scenes… You can’t rehearse. You have to just do it at that time. It’s not like you can ask to rehearse the kiss…”

    I think I’ve heard this line in YSMM Brilliant Legacy Special when he talked about his kissing scene with HanHyoJoo.

    well, at least he didn’t make 10 NGs kissing scene like he did in BL last year. it shows that he’s already known how to kiss his onscreen girlfriend properly kkk..

  5. Ann, according to tryp, there were alot of comments from viewers criticizing Seung Gi’s role on strong heart or something. Too much emphasis and love on Seung Gi and it was like a MGIG special on strong heart etc.
    Just wanna know if they were critical of Seung Gi or just Strong Heart.
    I believe Seung Gi cant help but to go along with the script and direction of the show that day.
    Hope the comments are not harmful to Seung Gi. :(

  6. i watched Strong heart yesterday was very disappointed..
    Seung gi is the MC is not allow to talk about his drama story..
    is it producer fault of making this, trying to make rating higher?

  7. I want to share with you guys
    I can no longer be a lurker anymore
    I intend to post in soompi
    but lol be a lurker for a long time
    I can reply in lee seung gi thread in soompi k k k k
    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/video/xf6qhc?additionalInfos=0xf6bm4Uploaded by hnmymind. – Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

    • thx for sharing your eng-subbed video clip. And thx for coming out of lurker mode! :)

      also, just as an FYI, could you please use the following credit if you ever use any of LSGfan’s translations –

      “English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com”

      thx again!

      • Yes, this is the first time I subbed
        From the following vids, I will give you the proper credit

  8. Hi hnmymind

    Thank you for encoding the subs, love it
    please post in LSG thread@soompi too.

    and welcome,
    hope to see you post more keke :)

  9. awww how adorable. Thanks for the translations ann. How can two people be this cute? Is that even legal?I know I might be in the minority but I like his short hair – makes him look like a little kid. Now I just wish they’d stop perming his hair…

  10. “..I’m sorry, can I borrow your lips?”
    ROFL oh man…a jjang comment right there XDDDDD
    Love the chemistry between the two..love Seung Gi’s embarrassment ^^ so cute!

    I also hope that the criticisms won’t affect him too much and that the SH PD (as an avid Seung Gi fanboy) will listen to them and revamp the show again as to not put too much emphasis on Seung Gi. Much as I <3 him, the show needs to focus on the guests' stories more..

  11. Hi all
    I think some of you might be waiting for this
    Video w/s ~ NG Kiss Scenes from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

    Enjoy :)

  12. OMO! the kiss scene at the airport! OMO! that was soooooo long! thank you so much tryp96 tumblr! why didnt they show that on Strong Heart too???????? mayb coz there were no NGs for that kiss? OMO! I’m spazzing!

  13. Hey hnmymind ~
    Been meaning to get in touch with you. Could you email me at LSGfanblog@gmail.com when you get a chance? Thx again for posting your video! hope to hear from you soon! ~ Ann.

  14. LOL at the hoi hoi song parody,,

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