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Someone has to die on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho…

*** UPDATE ~ First, I thought if someone dies, both must die. Then, I changed to if someone dies, it has to be Daewoong. Now, I’m thinking if someone has to die it surely can’t be Daewoong, as it would only make sense for Miho to die ***

There were a bunch of articles out today in the Korean press about whether Daewoong and Miho will have a happy ending or a sad one.  Since Seunggi forewarned us during the press conference interviews that it was going to get really sad towards the end, I was up for it then. But who knew Daewoong and Miho were going to be so freaking amazing together and so totally real?!  A lot of netizens are saying neither can die, that they have to live happily ever after.  Me too.  I want a happy ending, but strongly feel that there has to be a death to make me believe their love was real. So if someone has to die, I say both Daewoong and Miho must die…

If only Daewoong were to die (supposedly as scripted early on) so that Miho can live, how can Miho go on living?! That doesn’t make sense.  She only has eyes for Daewoong – the primary reason she wanted to become human.  So if Daewoong were to die, how could she live with such heartbreak?!  If Daewoong and Miho are so completely in love as they have amazingly convinced us to believe up to this point, then the only way for that true love to be fully realized is for both to die, as neither would be able to live without the other.

Early on, I had visions of the Vet sacrificing himself for Miho, so she could be happy with Daewoong (sort of like in Beautiful Days Stairway to Heaven when that guy sacrificed his eyes so Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo could be happy). But then, I though the Vet doesn’t deserve such an honor… he’s the evil one who got Miho and Daewoong into this mess in the first place.

Later, I thought it could be like kdrama My Girl where the guy and girl are separated for a while and go through heartache but then come together at the end for a happily every after. And we’d probably all be happy with Daewoong and Miho getting married, having a bunch of kids, and living happily ever after… But I feel like that sort of ending is just way too simple and cliche, and somewhat beneath a drama and script like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Would it be too lame and unbelievable for both Daewoong and Miho to die, but then live happily ever after together in some sort of fantasy afterlife?!

And yes, I am way too involved in this drama. LOL.

– EDIT 1 – If someone has to die, it has to be Daewoong…

ok, i’ve reconsidered.  If both can’t die as that may be too much dying for such a lovey-dovey drama… and only one has to die then it has to be daewoong. and the only way it would make sense to me and be believeable is…

DW and MH make love (sleep together) and MH becomes pregnant. so while it’s heartbreaking that DW dies, MH has the courage to live as DW lives on through their baby son. although can DW actually sleep with her before the 100 days, before she is full human?!

– EDIT 2  – If someone has to die, it has to be Miho…

ok, I’m reconsidering again. Both of them dying seems out of the question. I’m already first in line to buy the dvd and I highly doubt they’d be able to market sales with a double death. Based on people’s comments and the survey up on Nate (one of the sponsors for the drama) that has either a Happy Ending vs. Miho dying — I think perhaps MH was scripted to die and the sadness Seunggi was alluding to in the press conference interviews may have been about DW dealing with the loss of MH??!!

I realize MH’s not even human (yet!).  DW still has much more of his life to live!  Also I remember reading Korean fan postings early on that the main plotline of MGIG is not necessarily the gumiho as front and center (as it seems to be the case with other gumiho drama versions), but moreso a story about a guy who through unforseen circumstances meets up with a gumiho that he falls in love with as his girlfriend; hence the title My Girlfriend is a Gumiho with the emphasis on the guy’s perspective.

So the supposed accounts of DW scripted early on as dying may just have been rumors, and that perhaps it’s really the case that MH will have to die?  And then as some of you already commented, it will become incredibly sad as DW has to deal with the loss of his love, but he finds the courage to stay strong and live fully for MH’s sake. Also, now I think he can’t just kill himself for love, as that would be cowardly.  (I was a bit over emotional when I wanted them both to die! LOL.)

I’m still holding out for DW and MH sleeping together and something happening (good or bad) because of that… I think that would be just so incredibly beautiful and moving, no?!

42 Responses

  1. what does the article said?
    i know miho gonna die.. she wanted to protect daewong.
    um… lol.. i still dont understand this story yet..
    we’ll wait and see.. ^^

  2. yes.. i agree..
    i rather both of them “die happily ever after” or both of them “live happily ever after” than only one of them survive..
    I hope this will be a beautiful story with beautiful ending because as far as i know Hong’s Sister is sort of anticlimax..
    their ending is kinda plain unlike how the story goes..
    just look at how You’re Beautiful, Hong Gil Dong and My Girl end.

    Hoping the best for the series. Hoi2 Fighting!!

    • i totally agree with you.. i can never stand seeing one of them dies.. its either none or both.. but im still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a happy ending.. though its too cliche, doesn’t everybody here want them to end up together ALIVE??? :)

  3. you’ere not alone. i’m with you when it comes to being waaaay to affected with this drama. This couple is a match made in heaven! I have only seen yet a few couples with THIS great chemistry! More than a happily every after, I WANT an ending that makes sense. Not something forced for the sake of a happy ending.

  4. Nooooo!!!
    I want a happy ending..hiks

  5. me too! nooooooo! woongah can’t die! if not happy ever after i’ll be sooooo sad!

  6. I hope the ending would be a good one…it doesnt have to be the most happy one..but just something that people can relate to…I watched SMA’s drama ‘a love to kill’ and felt very dissapointed with the ending where both the lead character died…hope it can be a happy one this time…it wouldn’t be good to SMA image if she keeps on dying in her drama..LOL, maybe theres a twist over at the end…how about if theres suddenly a solution where both of them doesn’t have to die…that would be nice….

  7. ok, i’ve reconsidered. If both can’t die as that may be too much dying for such a lovey-dovey drama… and only one has to die then it has to be daewoong. and the only way it would make sense to me and be believeable is…

    DW and MH make love (sleep together) and MH becomes pregnant. so while it’s heartbreaking that DW dies, MH has the courage to live as DW lives on through their baby son. although can DW actually sleep with her before the 100 days, before she is full human?!

  8. ann, i don’t think they can do that before the 100days…. if the bead is not fully healed yet, DW will get chest pain…

    but i don’t want DW to die… if given a choice, both of them to die…… and be together in another world…..

    did you read my crazy ideas in MGIAG thread in soompi….? hahaha…. (about both of them appearing on the drawing at the temple….haha)

  9. the title of this posting and the picture….gives me heartache….. sob! sob! sob! :( :( :(

  10. I really hope they will be happy together in the end.
    Miho has been waiting for this love for more than 500 years.

  11. remember when DW’s friend mentioned that “DW will die in China ” ? of coz when he said it he meant the movie they are making but i wonder whether there is any significant to the actual plot ….

  12. No rush ending or especially those that leave the ending to the imagination of the viewers – I really really hate THAT!!!! If they want the lead to die then do it !! Just give them closure .. its not like there’ll be a part 2 later!!

    Of course every besotted viewers will want an happy ending, me too in fact but please, please end it in such a way that leaves the besotted viewers satisfied, even if its a sad ending …. like .. yah, it should be that way !!! haha

  13. I’m surprised that the idea of DW dying alone would be considered since that will mostly leave MH to fox hunter. It’s slightly weird that the writers would leave the ending on that note. I think it’s more likely that DJ gives up his life, since he doesn’t want to see Gil dal disappear again or MH will be the one to go back and Samshin grandma will revive her (kinda like the since she gave up her life for true love twice sorta deal).

  14. towards the end, i was starting to like the vet, and yeah he’s REAL hottie! but then, my heart is all for DaeWoong.. so im praying that it will end up the way we all want it to end.. Hoi Hoi couple together! last 4 episodes, that’s what makes me sad more.. :'(

  15. I find the Vet more pretty than necessarily hot. He reminded me of WonBin at first. But WonBin is all guy and very masculine. while something about Vet’s face feels more feminine. but that may be b/c of the character he’s supposed to portray. but kudos to Vet ahd Noona… it’s not easy playing the 3rd wheel especially alongside year’s best drama couple.

    ok, so anyone know if daewoong and miho can “get it on” before the 100th day so that she can get pregnant?

    Also as to who dies — korean website Nate (one of the sponsors for the drama) has 2 ending choices for ppl to vote on~ Happily every after OR Miho dies. If someone has to die, i think it should be DW not MH.

    • at first, the vet looked so gay for me.. but eventually, i find myself googling for his name.. LOL.. i find it hot but that’s just me ;) and that Noona, yeah she palyed her role well, because I hate her to death! ahahah!

    • i’m pretty sure they can as long as the bead is healed. ..time for some gumiho babies <3

  16. Honestly, as a Seunggi’s fan, I want DW to die… I don’ t understand why vet has the key to the happy ending… sry I am being selfish but.. I want to say sth but I will not… anyways, Hong sisters should go with synopsis.

  17. I want a through the fires and then re-birth, for both DW and MH.

    How can one die and leave the other behind???

    Who says love has to be tragic to be great???

    This pair is too precious to be ruined by cliches.

  18. ummmmm. for this drama, i am not sure anymore that’s why this drama is good cause it’s not predictable

  19. this is a little off topic but please help us vote for MGIG http://kr.rival.kids.yahoo.com/rival/script/?ac=view&cd=303 going up against Gumiho’s revenge. u can vote for as long as u want. Just click on the no. 1 option with the lock icon, 1 vote is equivalent to 5votes. MGIG is way behind its competitor by 80kvotes, so please keep on clicking option no.1. Kamsahamnida!

  20. I really prefer not to think about the ending I will trust Hong
    Sister they will do a good ending for this good drama.. So I will wait and accept the ending wether be a Happy or Sad one. . .
    And isn’t the drama you are talking about Stairway to heaven Kwon Sang Wo and ChoJi Wo?? Beautiful Days is with Lee ByunHyun ^v^

  21. Ann, how was your date?

  22. If really somebody gotta die, I prefer it to be MH. Why?

    Bcos if DW dies, it will be DJ who is going to take care of MH in the human world. I dont want that. Nobody can care & love MH except DW!

    If MH dies, I look forward to an award winning acting by Seung Gi.

  23. they are too young to die…let hope it’s a happy ending…

  24. My sensible side says that going along with the plot as it is right now, Daewoong should die for Miho..


    My heart and my fangirly side that has invested 2 months (not including all the hype and anticipation before it even aired) of my life and soul to our Hoi Hoi couple is attacking my sensible side with DongJoo sonsaeng’s magical sword. if both die, heck, if even one dies, i’m gonna throw my laptop out the window and swear off drama watching for awhile..

    Come to think of it, the last time I really wanted to do that was after watching Hong Gil Dong..loved the drama, DESPISED the ending (although i will admit that metaphorically, it was very well done)

  25. ok based on what you guys wrote, i’m reconsidering. At first, both DW and MH had to die. Then I changed to if someone dies, it has to be DW. Now I feel really strongly that if someone dies, it has to be MH.

    DW is the hero of the story; we can’t have our hero die. MH is not human. DW survives MH’s death and lives to make life meaningful. I adore MH equally, but in terms of the story it seems to make more sense for DW to survive if one has to die.

    See EDIT 2 above (reconsidered based on your all’s comments). What do you think?

  26. both of them have build such a good bonding that we can’t bear to see anyone of them dying alone…

    If MH dies, then we will be feeling so sad for DW because he can’t be with the one he loves.
    And SMA fans will boycott the DVD, hahaha..

    If DW dies, then MH with DJ?? she wouldn’t trade that.. and SGi fans going to boycott the DVD…haha..

    A friend of mine commented that since this is a comedy, it shouldn’t have a tragic ending too… since this is a drama and about gumiho (which we do not know if it really exists), anything can be created to make it be a happy ending.

  27. some possibilites…

    1. DW and MH “mate” and live happily ever after with a whole soccer team of kids.
    2. Someone else comes in to save them both (Grandma from painting has been popular idea being tossed around by fans)
    3. i dont know how this happens but somehow DongJoo Teacher is involved and MH and DW live (but i don’t want him to be the hero at all!)

    so happy ending only please!

  28. Ok guy! according to original script, DW has to die. From ep.1 we know that DW survived because of the bead. However, I hope that both will survived if there were to mate.hehe! Because throughout the drama, the word “mating” keep appearing. And I somehow feel that the only solution is mating. DJ in his recent interview said that Miho will still be Miho. So the endiing will be DW will get back his life when he was supposed to die when he fell from the cliff. MH go back to the painting. Of course, I still want the 2 to be together!

  29. to me…daewoong die..miho continue to live devastated..but after many many many many years ….daewoong reincarnate…miho saw daewoong and new chapter begin…

  30. to amadella82

    you had a point and logic to it…

  31. i’m really afraid whether this drama would have a happy or sad ending. but i’m thinking what if the ending is just like the one in hong gil dong? it’s somehow happy that they’re together but they both died in the end. i just can’t predict the hong sisters. haha. but i really want a happy ending here. :(

  32. if i were to speak about this finale thing…of course i personally would want a happy ending. however, i also don’t want to ruin the plot whatsoever by the hong sisters if they really planned a tragedy. i don’t want to spoil everything by speculating. but if ever someone dies…i think it would be miho not daewoong…as they say, history repeats itself so probably it would be her.

  33. i don’t want anyone to die >.< i except it will be a happy ending

  34. If I can be honest, I didn’t even -actually- consider anyone dying until I read this and all the comments. I know there is the whole one must die for her to become human thing, but I didn’t take it seriously. This drama didn’t strike me as the type that would end in anything other than happiness.

    I hope my first instinct was right D;

  35. no Miho no daewoong……

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