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Gumiho press conference~ LSG-SMA video cuts (Eng subs)

*** UPDATED with DM videos since big bad YT deleted the account ***

So there were tons of video cuts of SeungGi and MinAh from the press conference on various entertainment shows, so I just picked out the non-duplicated ones to translate. SeungGi really has amazing speaking skills and he and MinAh seem so comfortable around each other! They are asked a range of questions from the obvious ones such as the kiss scenes, ratings burdens, character profiles, etc. But there’s also some interesting questions about the Strong Heart recording and their general impressions of one another, as well as a peek into what may be a very sad ending.

Press Conference~ Seunggi and MinAh interview cuts:
[Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; leeseunggiworld; tryp96 tumblr]

TV Daily full interview: LSG and SMA introduce their characters. Why MinAh called SeungGi a robot. What they think of each other.

The DaeWoong-MiHo chemistry seen on the drama teasers seem to show up off screen too, and I’m so loving these two! I can’t believe how at ease the two were during the press con interview!  And the two really seem to really respect and admire one another!  If I didn’t like MinAh so much (and her chic fashion sense) and feel like she could easily pass as one of my best girlfriends, I could have easily been a jealous fangirl and despised her for being so adored by our SeungGi! These interviews will make you anticipate the drama even more!

About the anticipated ratings and Strong Heart special

About the infamous marble kiss scene and action scenes

(cr: rapport2010)

First impressions of one another and thoughts on their characters
(Eng subs for LSG-SMA interview cuts)

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19 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann! That was really a long translation. Yes has to agree with you that seung gi really has great speaking skill. So honest and sincere too. I’m so excited now! Two more days to go.

  2. haaa~finish…thwanks for the translation, this week is the premier…YAYYY~~~~!!!

  3. Ann,thanks for the translation :)

  4. OMG!!!!
    ann, 10 thumb up for you.
    you must have work really hard on this long translation…


  5. thank you for the translation!!!
    they seems comfortable each other!
    two more days,,, EXCITED!!!

  6. Thank you for the hard work on the super long translation!

  7. OMG, Ann! thank you so much for the translation!!
    *off to read*

  8. It’s probably not that easy to watch the video clips while reading the translation, but def try it because I just love the way LSG and SMA seem so comfortable together. Reminds me of how I felt about SeungGi and Hyo Joo! But they always came off more as friends to me…

    But for some reason with MinAh, SeungGi seems totally enamored with her… but can you really blame him?! :)

    Aghhhh… the fangirl in me must remember to refer to them as DaeWoong and MiHo!!!!

  9. thanks for the subs. seung gi and mina look good together and if in the end they become couple in real life, I’m fine with it as a fan.

  10. OMG, thank you so much for sharing the transcripts for everyone to enjoy. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work her on this site.

  11. Hi girl

    I can only sub with the vid that I already have (only 1) for now.

    – Full length interview

    Note: Sorry if the line was not exactly when LSG/SMA were saying. It seem my Korean just drop below level 1, haha

  12. omg, penny dear. you’re amazing. was not expecting you to sub these! this was the main interview out ot all of the 4 and you did such a great job! thanks! I so love our videos! totally know what you mean about it being a weird way of de-stressing….

    you and i are becoming like robots… just like our seunggi! ha ha ha!

    Also, fyi – b/c some of their answers were long, i did a loose translation of some of them so that’s why the translations were shorter than some of their responses… so it has nothing to do with your korean level! i’m still amazed at your understanding of everything and timing! thx again!

  13. Hello everyone,
    My sincere appreciations and BIG THANK YOU for the great effort in subbing!!

    Looking forward with lots of love to the new drama:”My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.”

  14. Wow, that was looong, and a lot!!! Thanks for your hardwork…we international fans are really blessed! Thanks for spoiling us!

  15. i like my girl friend is a gumiho maybe part 2 ok thank u and annong hye seyo ?

  16. …can’t wait for their next project together and i hope that they’re dating

  17. Actually MGIG is being shown right now in my country and it is doing great in ratings. I cannot avoid sayng that Lee Seung-gi has becoming more handsome while with Ms. Shin Min -Ah. Seem that he would like to appear more gorgeous in the eyes of SMA. I love this couple. I hope they become real. They just seem perfect together.

    • Really! that’s so great! Which country is that? Really, if it wasn’t for 40%+ ratings Baker King, MGIG ratings would’ve been higher. So it’s ratings were still considered good and the drama very popular and loved. Even the dramas now that are first in its time slot and considered to be high rated haven’ t really hit 20% yet.

      Seunggi and Minah had AMAZING chemistry as hoi couple; great example of actors/actresses bringing out the best in one another! And the fact that they respected and admired each other so much in real life made everyone love them even more!

  18. wow……..i really like them i hope their really be together but lee seung gi had another woman in his mind yoona

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