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SeungGi spends precious free time in grad class

(Images: 선우환~ @leeseungki cafe; leeseunggiworld)

Looking oh-so-not like a celebrity and living up to his “uhm-chin-ah” title, LSG finds time in his crazy busy schedule to sit through a graduate school class at Dongguk University.  Really, where does he find the time?  Man, his diligence and hard work ethic is no joke!  Def, think he is the type of guy that likes to always be learning new things.  Not sure what he’s studying in grad school but as an undergrad, he majored in International Trade and Commerce.

More curious as to how this person took these photos
Grainy photos come off like some undercover mission!

Hey is he sleeping in the last pic?  I mean he must be exhausted these days!
So, does LSG’s desire to try new things and ability to do like everything and anything make people want to work harder, or just feel like a totally lazy bum?!

EDIT — Undercover VIDEO of Seunggi in class!

(per Tryp96~) A short video clip taken by a fan!  Per fan account, the girl is in the the same class and somehow managed to take this video clip, even though the manager who went to school with SeungGi said no photos.

The grainy quality mixed w/ the music def adds a dramatic feel!
Ha ha!  Love it!   Seunggi, you’re such a model student!
Check out the 1 minute youku clip

6 Responses

  1. From the YSMM clips that I watched before, he is still pursuing his study in finance. And in my opinion, maybe this is one of the reason why his management limits his activities only in Korea and Japan, so that he still able to cover his classes.

  2. lol! It’s the professor who was the undercover…
    It’s true, this young man is exceptional and unbelievable, he is too good to be true but it’s all black and white that he is for real. Lee Seung Gi’s achievement and accomplishment is an inspirational and a wonderful role model for young generation.

  3. He always make me proud of him..how he can maintains tight schedule in entertainment industry and study in balance…
    Bravo Seung Gi…

  4. really an extraordinary man, he’s always been known for as a role model student at the same time a nation’s young brother.
    i wonder how he manage to find time to went to grad studies after graduating.Never miss a single class while in college while doing a lot of commitment in this entertainment industry. I mean variety shows,guesting, mini concert, emceeing & fan meeting..Urgh…He’s totally one of a kind man, definitely a n extraordinary man.

  5. Wow, thank for this news. I have been wondering for a while how his studies is coming along. Good to have news of him going to classes to finally surfaces.
    I saw on KBS entertainment news recently that Jang Nara just graduated and she took 10years to do it. LSG is truly amazing!

  6. Yeah Lee Seung-gi is really an inspiration. I’m a fan from the Philippines. I’m so proud of him because despite of his tight working schedule he can still manage to pursue a post graduate degree in a traditional setting.And take note at a very young age of 24.He is worth emulating that’s why I share this to my students as well. Really, if Ms. Shin Min Ah would become his real girlfriend- how lucky would she be, having an intelligent, hardworking, handsome man for a boyfriend. Just wishing!Many would definitely be envious.

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