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LSG and 1n2d hyungs win sauna trip (3/14)

LSG with his bath pail…

(photo and video credit: DClsg)

In today’s 1n2d, Hodong beat Jiwon in ping pong Bokbulbok, so the winning team of Seunggi, Hodong, and Soogeun head to the neighborhood sauna.  I think he mentioned that he typically goes once a month.  Maybe I’m too americanized, but I don’t think I could do public bathhouse saunas!

Below are some very brief cuts of the 3 guys.  Click below to check out:

Who can hold their tone the longest?

Rock, paper, scissors game to determine who has to show some skin (haha)

Proper way put lotion on the face: SeungGi vs. Hodong 

Must be something about patting lotion on the face…

wow, a sauna trip really does wonders to the skin — maybe I’ll reconsider.

freshly grilled beef/lettuce wrap dinner to top it off!

One Response

  1. hahaha.. so cute of the 3 of them bathing on the sauna.
    the rock, paper & scissors game the loser will show some skin. hehehehe… awesome these show never failed to amuse us…
    Thank you & to DCinside..
    I just can’t stop following u because of Seunggi

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