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April 2018 Woman’s Donga – Mind Body Discipline Changed by Special Forces Training, Infinitely Positive Young Adult Lee Seunggi

Mind Body Discipline Changed by Special Forces Training, Infinitely Positive Young Adult Lee Seunggi
Editor Kim Jiyoung, Journalist | Published 2018.04.10

English: LSGfan via Woman’s Donga Magazine

(This is a good majority excerpt. Will translate the rest when I can^^)

After completing military service and returning to drama and variety, continuing with CFs and even taking hold the big screen through movie ‘GoongHap,’ Lee Seunggi also reveals a very special mind and body discipline/training to Woman Donga readers. This young man, so truly clear and hot.




Q: Most people take a break following military service but Lee Seunggi is actively working right away.

Seunggi: I too figured I’d be busy at least with my drama comeback. Before I was discharged from the army, the Master In The House team reached out to me and I agreed to it but I didn’t know we’d start broadcasting so quickly. On top of that, with ‘GoongHap,’ which I filmed prior to enlisting in the army, releasing on February 28, I was super busy. Not having had time to transition to everyday life, talking about the army a lot on TV may be a shortcoming; but due to the mental and stamina training gained through the army, I as able to vigorously go about things despite being so busy.

Q: Since ‘GoongHap’ is a project you filmed prior to enlisting, I’m really curious about your thoughts on watching the movie after being discharged from the army.

Seunggi: Since it’s different from my current image, I thought what if it’s embarrassing but I found myself thinking it’s a good thing the abundant cheeks I no longer have didn’t get in the way of watching the movie~ If you compare that to how I am in ‘Hwayugi,’ my cheeks were definitely excessive back then hahaha.

Q: The Son Oh Gong you acted in ‘Hwayugi’ was oozing with manly charisma. Is your personality originally like that?  Or was it army life influence?

Seunggi: I think there’s army life influence too, and I lost a lot of weight. Before I went to the army, I was 80kg but by the time I was discharged, I had gone down to 73kg. The Hwayugi writers wanted a bit of a more sharp image, so I thought to lose just 1kg more while filming but I ended up losing a lot more weight than I realized, and now I’m 69kg.

Q: What is your secret to losing more than 10kg?

Seunggi: Shall I share a little bit about dieting? Honestly, entertainers live by dieting, but according to my experience, it’s not easy to lose weight by just controlling your meals. A diet of eating just chicken breast or a few pieces of sweet potatoes does not work for me. Rather, eating regular meals parallel to exercising is way more effective. Eat only a little fatty and fried foods and if you eat a lot for dinner, make up for it by eating a simple salad the next day. When you regulate what you eat while diligently working and exercising, you seem to lose weight easily (chuckles).

Q: Typically, what type of exercise do you enjoy?

Seunggi: Before going to the army, I typically just worked out but in the Special Forces, they made us do circuit training. Exercise for special training. It was intensely strong to the extent that I thought people can exercise to this point, you don’t die even if you do this. I learned it was Crossfit. The person who invented it was originally in the Special Forces. Therefore, during my final break, I did crossfit in mornings, swimming in afternoons, and yoga in evenings to relax my body.




Q: What kind of woman-image do you like?

Seunggi: I look at physical appearances too but i would like the woman to have a bright energy and a kind nature about her. I tend to place emphasis on first impressions.

Q: When we think of Lee Seunggi in his 20s, ‘upstanding life’ comes to mind. What image do you hope to come about in your 30s?

Seunggi: Is there anyone who wants to always wear the same clothes? However, I don’t seek out change just for the sake of change… that’s not something desirable, since I want to break through the image through acting transformation, in projects and personally for myself. On the other hand, there is a part of me that wants to try an elemental minor character. If there’s a director who wants to skim off the existing Lee Seunggi image and clothe a new character, I want to work together right away.

Q: It doesn’t matter if it’s not the lead role?

Seunggi: I have never thought I must be the main character. If it’s a good project, I don’t nitpick over the gravity of that. I’m fine with filming even 10 minutes in front of actors like Song Kang Ho sunbaenim, so I really sincerely hope I can work with them. And Directors Na Hong Jin, Kim Ji Woon are people I want to work with.

Q: What would you be doing around now if you didn’t become an entertainer?

Seunggi: I think I would have become a restaurant president. A restaurant where the menu is not set and it is matched to each person who comes in, and the food is tasty no matter what gets ordered.

Q: Seems like you cook well.

Seunggi: I like to cook. To the extent that people say it doesn’t taste bad. However I’m terribly disappointed that in a recent Master In the House episode, I didn’t get to properly demonstrate my skills and messed up cooking the pasta.^^

Q: I feel you are the star for whom the all-around entertainer descriptor is most suitable right now. How might you be 10 years later?

Seunggi: I think I’d still be active in various areas. Lee Seunggi in his 20s was active as a singer and actor, and tv personality and at the same time, a freshly young and passionate friend. In his 30s, he is hearing that his passion for his work has been upgraded a notch. Now even in variety programs, no longer a forever maknae, there’s a position of taking the lead in the flow of things and showing an appearance that’s different from before. In my 40s, I’d like this kind of demeanor to be more deeply developed so that the stories I want to share can be conveyed in a more specialized and impacting way through tv broadcasts and/or projects.

Q: Will you be married by then?

Seunggi: Before, I thought getting married before age 40 was a given. However, now, there are so many things I want to do so I can’t answer that. Seeing the hyungs around me, I feel that I’ll slowly end up doing so without intending to. But I’m a bit skeptical about marrying as late as Lee Seojin hyung hahaha.

Even though this Woman Donga Magazine interview was published April 10, the interview was conducted early March soon after Hwayugi wrapped. And honestly, I love love love sharp slim look Lee Seunggi via Hwayugi’s Son Oh Gong😍 But it’s obvious he’s been bulking up a bit since~^^

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