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[ENG] JTBC Knowing Brothers – Lee Seunggi Interview and Episode Preview

Read English translation…

4.18.2018 JTBC Knowing Brothers – Lee Seunggi Interview
English: LSGfan, Video: JTBC Entertainment

Seunggi: Hello, participating in Knowing Brothers, I’m Lee Seunggi. Happy to see you.

[Q: How do you feel about having transferred to Hyung-nim School?]

Seunggi: While I was serving in the army, I had fun watching Knowing Brothers and I’ve come to participate in the show and with those so close to me, our Kang Hodong sunbaenim and Sugeun hyung, a program they’re in. I really wanted to meet and come on at some point, and to be here, I’m very nervously excited and anticipating it a lot.

[Q: How do you feel about wearing a school uniform in a long time?]

Seunggi: School uniform is… seems to still suit me well so I don’t think I’ve gotten that old~ yes^^

[Q: Kang Hodong vs Lee Sugeun?]

Seunggi: Ahhh this is of course… Lee Sugeun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If he’s watching this video, our Hodong hyung may get his feelings hurt a bit…

[the reason Seunggi chose Sugeun~ very curious right? Check out why on the broadcast episode!]

[Q: These days and upcoming plans?]

Seunggi: As one person who likes variety, on another channel through Master In The House, I’m greeting you all in a weekly variety program. And hereon this year, a good project or to show you a lot of different things~ I’m in the midst of preparing, so everyone please continually show your support and interest!

[Q: Final words for Knowing Brothers viewers!]

Seunggi: To our viewers who love Knowing Brothers~ I’m really thankful again for so many people responding that Lee Seunggi has to come on Knowing Brothers. That probably has to do with Kang Hodong sunbaenim and Sugeun hyung, and me getting together as members from long ago and big expectations for this… But if expectations are high, disappointment can be high so everyone, please don’t have too high expectations… just enough and comfortably. If you watch lightheartedly with a heart to enjoy, we will take responsibility for your Saturday night this week. Don’t miss it!

Seunggi: This Saturday 9pm~ on Knowing Brothers, Lee Seunggi has transferred. Please don’t miss it!💕

Knowing Brothers Preview^^

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