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[ENG] Hwayugi Actors Talk Synchronization With Their Characters and Filming Atmosphere

*updated with Official tvN Drama Youtube video

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Hwayugi Actors Talk Synchronization With Their Characters and Filming Atmosphere
English: LSGfan, Video: tvN DRAMA; also watch at Naver TV – BTS with Hwayugi Actors

[tvN Saturday Sunday Drama | Hwayugi]

CSW: I play the character Woo Ma Wang in Hwayugi. He is a monster that struggles to become a powerful god. In reality, he is the CEO of a big entertainment company. The character comes into opposition with Son Oh Gong.

[Q: How synchronized are you to the Woo Ma Wong role?]
CSW: All roles are more than half similar to me for sure. Woo Ma Wong is probably more than 50% synchronized to me.

[Q: Words for viewers]
CSW: The story of monsters, these things can not seem realistic, but those who watch may see that this is not that far from real stories we live. I believe those who watch will find this fun and delightful.

(Starting @ 0:53~ Lee Seunggi)

LSG: Playing the role of the Great Sage Equal to Heaven Son Oh Gong, I am Lee Seunggi. Like the story in Journey to the West, making even the Great Jade Emperor tremble, I play the role of the absolutely invincible but absolutely not always nice powerful god Son Oh Gong. Very different from the characters Lee Seunggi has played in the past. I believe I’ll get to show you a lot of totally varied diverse sides.

[Q: How was your chemistry with Cha Seungwon?]
LSG: We worked well in a previous project and because we are personally very close, I’m anticipating this time’s Hwayugi even more, and I’m excited about how all of you will view this.

[Q: How synchronized are you to the Son Oh Gong character in real life?]
LSG: About 86%? I thought I was different, but over time I find that some of my own natural mannerisms come out, making me think perhaps I had a lot of SonOhGong-esque ways in me.

(Starting @ 1:42~ Oh Yeonseo)

OYS: Playing the role of Monk Jin Sun Mi, I am Oh Yeonseo. Since Sunmi was young, she was able to see monsters but upon meeting Oh Gong, I feel I’ll show you how I transform over time. Please anticipate how I will transform.

[Q: How is the filming atmosphere?]
OYS: Lee Seunggi is actually the same age as me so it feels like we were able to get close even faster. And because there are some scenes where we both suffer, so already, I’m feeling a bit emotionally sad (as she chuckles at the end. SonOhGong chasing JinSunmi BTS ㅋㅋㅋ)

[Q: Thoughts on filming the teaser?]
OYS: For now, there are a lot of scenes in which I suffer and on set, there’s no way for me to get revenge. However since today’s [teaser] scene is kind of refreshing, it felt very satisfyingㅋㅋㅋ

[Q: How synchronized are you to the Jin Sun Mi character in real life?]
OYS: About 15%? 20%? I’m a bit more of a bright personality, but Sunmi has a slightly more serious personality. I’m very similar to the drama teaser character feel. If you were to watch, I believe you’ll anticipate it more and be more curious.

[Q: What kind of drama is Hwayugi?]

LSG: Viewers watching the teaser may think ‘What kind of drama is Hwayugi?’

OYS: It’s fun. And also kind of scary. There’s romance too. And also mystery.

LSG: There will be even more things to see, fun and touching, so make sure not to miss out; watch Hwayugi and show a lot of love.

CSW: Absolutely romantic exorcism of monsters. Dec. 23rd…

LSG: Saturday night, 9pm. The first episode will air on tvN.

OYS: Please show a lot of love!

[tvN drama Hwayugi 12.23.2017 Sat 9pm first broadcast]

(images: airen_chingu)

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