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1N2D Team wins Daesang + presenters Seunggi & SNSD Yuri at 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards

(Video: Tryp96, English: LSGfan)

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Seunggi’s ideal girl type and more [Come to Play 2.24.2006] + 2009 Ideal Cup

Still excited about the upcoming broadcast! Seunggi looking way more dongseng and not the manly guy from the Oct. 2006 Come to Play.  Here, he talks about 2nd album (White Lie), acting interest (via Nonstop), ideal type of girl (innocent/pure), using his younger sister’s subway card, and how his close friend majorly screwed up confessing his feelings for a girl (hilarious story!)…

Seunggi on Come to Play [2.24.2006]

(Video: Tryp96; English translation: LSGfan)

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings (May 18, 2010): SNSD Yuri and HyoYun, KARA


Invincible Youth SNSD Yuri = 1n2d SeungGi

UPDATED — with new YT video clip to replace previous deleted one

(cr: TVreport)

KBS Invincible Youth’s April 23rd broadcast opened with the G7 girls and MCs Kim Shin Young and Kim Tae Woo where 1n2d usually films their opening.  Tae Woo says that they are at the filming site of the famous 1n2d show and so of course they need to copy them.  They do a parady of the 1n2d opening; MC Kim Shin Young is assigned to play Kang Ho Dong and Kim Tae Woo tells SNSD Yuri to be Seunggi…

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