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2011 SBS GaYo DaeJun recap: SeungGi + YoonA & JiHyo

Red Carpet – MC Lee Seunggi.  The guy in charge of the red carpet asked most of the idol groups to strike their best pose for the cameras.  But he asked Seunggi to do the heart sign!  Seunggi was introduced as MC and this generation’s uhm-chin-ah.  Aw~!

December 29, 2011.  SBS Korean Gayo Daejun (Music Festival).  Pretty amazing how SBS got pretty much everyone on the Kpop IT list to participate (minus Big Bang and JYJ)!  Despite the hot performances, which the press acknowledged, there was a lot of criticism – way too long and tedious, more presentation-style versus enjoyment, lakc of singing skills on display, the numerous copying of Beyonce stages, too many American song covers, excessive scripting of “hallyu” mentions, too many performers, poor camera work, lots of technical glitches (including Seunggi’s mic at the beginning of his live stage)…

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Seunggi for SuperstarK’s KB Card CFs + Ulala Session wins!

Seunggi as Superstar K judge – KB Card CF
KB Kookmin Wise Card… As expected.
My point is… Exactly that!
The more you use, the more points you get.
The strength or Korean life – KB Kookmin Card.
(English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggi01)

KB = Kookmin Bank.  Kookmin = Nation.  Perfect match for Nation’s younger brother Lee Seunggi!  The cute Superstar K themed CFs started airing recently, and since the singers on the show (Ulala Session and Busker Busker) and lovely judge Yoon Mi Rae have been killing it on the music charts, I finally checked it out.  Well, just the final season 3 episode.  I knew KB Card was a big sponsor, but didn’t know it was THE sponsor.  The yellow logo cups are hard NOT to miss!  Plus, Seunggi’s KB Card CFs open and end the show!  But aside from that, Ulala Session’s finale win, tears, and thanks were SO touching!  Check out the clip and read what they had to say…

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[Music Charts] Lee Seung Gi – Because We’re Friends

*** UPDATED – Day 28 [Nov. 23] Music Chart Rankings ***

D1- Seunggi’s 5th Album ‘Tonight’ dropped on October 27, which makes this Day 1 on the music charts for title song ‘We’re Friends‘ and other songs from his album.  Major competition from hip-hop queen Yoon Mi Rae (SuperstarK judge, wife and mom, and together with hubby Tiger JK, they are basically Korean hip-hop royalty; think Beyonce and Jay-Z!).  She released a few songs on the same day (also featuring her hubby), and Yoon MiRae and Seunggi were battling it out on the real-time charts all day.  Also, in the mix is Noel, making their comeback the other day after 5 years.  There’s a lot of serious competition…  but it’s okay, We’re Friends is simply perfect!

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