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Lee Seung Gi caught filming for Running Man

Lee Seung Gi caught filming Running Man
November 19, 2013 – Good Morning Entertainment

Yesterday, news and photos from the filming of Running Man were trending real-time online.  The star in the yellow jumper jacket and green knit cap is precisely Lee Seunggi.  He is shown on a mission with Lee Kwangsoo.  The other star filming together is Han Hyejin.  Members participated in a ‘fierce race’ in Seoul.  In particular, Lee Seung Gi was variety boss in his last appearance on Running Man, gaining top honors by beating out the other members (during part 1).  Whether he can come out on top again this time around is gaining a lot of interest.

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

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[ENG] SNL Korea – Tweet Stop: Celebrities with no Antis, Yoo Jaesuk, Lee Seunggi share this in common…

* Updated with ENG-subbed video*

(video: Michelle J)~ Click CC for ENG subs in video.

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Running Man Ep 121: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.25]

Better late than never…  Part 2 of the live-stream tweets during Running Man ep 121.   I’ve watched this 2-episode Running Man sooooooo many times.  One of the best eps ever!  Made me a total fan of Running Man.  Love the show!  Seunggi and Jaesuk, Seunggi and Gary, Seunggi and Haha, Seunggi and Jongkook~~~  Seunggi bromances are always the bestest!  But loved Seunggi and Shinhye as guests too!

And since Shinhye mentioned Seunggi at her fan meeting in the Philippines today~~  Her best partners: #3 Seunggi (Did MV and MC’d together).  She wants to work with him in a drama. (#2 Yonghwa, #1 Geunsuk).  Give us Seunggi and Shinhye in Kdrama together~~!!!!  Love Shinhye for always showing lotsa respect and love for Seunggi!!!

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Lee Seunggi and celebs vote for S. Korea’s next president

December 19, 2012.  18th Presidential Election voting day in South Korea.  The NEC Honorary Ambassador showing up to cast his ballot.  Oh Seunggi, if only I could be your Cody for just ONE week… to select, assemble, piece together your looks…  and to have just 5 mins with your hair~~~!!!  huhuhu.   But love the scarf!  And of course, the dazzling smile as always!

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Running Man Ep 120: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.18]

Special occasion – Seunggi on Running Man, something I’ve been dying to to see ever since 1N2D ended – so I couldn’t miss out on the live-stream.  Just like those 1N2D days of all of us online streaming the show real-time and spazzing over LSG cuts afterward!  Here’s a recap compilation of @LSGfan’s live-stream tweets during Running Man Ep 120 (part 1), with screencaps and gifs to make it more fun!  It’s focused on my bias~~~ Seunggi and Red Team!  Omg, I watched this episode like 5 times over 2 days!  Laughed so hard!  Seunggi IS just simply so awesome~~!!  Hilarious. Cute. Witty. Real.  Just makes us all automatically smile and laugh along…

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