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Actress noonas to actor hyungs and another Seunggi ip-soo [1N2D Actress finale & Supporting Actor Special Part 1]

Warning~~ Super long post!  Couldn’t help it!  Ok, daebak LSG cuts from the Supporting Actor Special Part 1, but first Final episode, Part 3 of Actress Special…

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Flirty Choi Jiwoo, giddy Lee Seunggi, plunging in the water, Sunday TV ratings [1N2D Actress Special Pt 2, 5.29.11]

Seunggi was excited about Kim Sky Haneul, but he rebounded quickly (like a typical guy!) after jealous-twinged Jiwoo came out full-force aegyo and flirty afterward!  A very happy Seunggi was like puddy in her hands!  And even 60-year old Teacher Soomi seemed a bit jealous at all the attention her none-of-the-girls-can-touch Seunggi was giving to Jiwoo, and joked that her other beloved guy Jo In Sung was back! Love it…

(Video cuts: Tryp96;  English: LSGfan)

Muscle-armed Seunggi rescues Jiwoo
Princess Choi Jiwoo gained lots of love with hilarious but cute water plunge!  And prince Seunggi (who hates to expose his body for some incomprehensible reason!) did not mind saving the damsel in distress! Can’t help but to gawk at his arms…

Seunggi’s heodang (but hot!) Ip-Soo water plunge
I’ve never been so happy to see Seunggi’s team lose! Punishment = Ip-soo!

KHD: Come on Seunggi!
LSG: Thank you for being with us on this trip. Nation’s actresses~ Fighting!
SOOG: Hey that didn’t look cool. Do it again! (Haha)
EJW: Your hair didn’t even get wet!
(LSG dives in, in typical uncool heodang fashion!)
(LSG does another dive, and of course another heodang one!)

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1N2D Actress Special, I am a Singer, Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry: Sunday ratings showdown [May 22, 2011]

Next week’s PREVIEW: 1N2D Actress Special Part 2 (video: )

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PD Na previews 1 Night 2 Days [1n2d] Actress Special

Like everyone else, I’ve been SO excited about this 2-part 1N2D Actress Special!  Set to air on May 22 and 29, it’s almost time!  And my anticipation is already totally UP with this teaser preview!  And even more, after what PD Na said in his recent interview…

(video: ; Images: Naverblogs)

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What to expect on 1 Night 2 Days [1n2d] Actress Special?

*** UPDATE. Actress Special filming! ***
BTS photos, fan account of Seunggi carrying a watermelon.  Later, driving!  Hahaha!

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