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Wondergirls Sohee + Seunggi talk things out on Strong Heart

From the Strong Heart broadcast with the Wondergirls [Nov. 29, 2011]

(Videos: SBS,  English: LSGfan)

VIDEO – Sohee’s version of her make-up-less gym encounter with Seunggi

S- Recently, I was very embarrassed. Unlike my make-up appearance for stage performances, I usually wear very little makeup. And when I go to the gym, I go even more comfortably. But that day, I woke up late, just washed my face and went with my face all swollen. Swollen to the point that even my instructor was shocked!
Boom- Like a big mandoo?! (LOL)
LSG- Her face is turning red now… like kimchi mandoo. (LOL) Just teasing!

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[Sketchbook 2011.11.25 ENG] Seunggi sings, talks 5th album

(Video: Beedance07) Thanks to the A-MAZING Bee! 
Watch FULL episode at Toudou link

[Nov 25, 2011] The BEST and HOTTEST album promotional performance/interview thus far!  (Aside from daebak promo of 5th album with Dolce & Gabbana!  Hehe!)  I KNEW Yoo Hee Yeol would GLEE if Seunggi ever did Sketchbook!  He really enjoyed teasing Sung Shi Kyung about it!  YHY = Yoon Do Hyun LSG fan-sunbae!  Loved that this was mostly about the music, yet still very funny!  (Thx Sketchbook for editing out the headline-grabbing, non-relevant parts of the interview!)  He sounded A-MAZING~!

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Lee Seunggi wins Inkigayo, thankful to Airens [2011.11.20]

Belated congrats for Seunggi’s Inkigayo Mutizen win (Nov 20), and for #3 on Music Bank (Nov 18)!  Wondergirls were at #2 and SNSD at #1!  Inkigayo Take 7 and #2 on Music Bank (#1 was SNSD) the weekend before for his 1st comeback in 2 years, so yay!  And all while fighting a cold!  Awww~!  At first, the timing seemed to really suck…

Seunggi returning in between comebacks of 9 SNSD girls and 5 Wondergirls!  But, now I’m glad he promoted at the same time (he was happy about it! Hehe).  Seunggi and the amazing Korean Airens held their own and competed hard and it showed!  Even despite his sorely lacking management Hook!  Aw, his teary eyes say it all…

INKIGAYO [2011.11.20]

INKI – MCs IU, Nicole, Hara and Seunggi’s Mutizen Win

MCs: Congrats Lee Seunggi!  Tell us how you’re feeling!
LSG: Really, thank you so much. I’m so happy. It’s been a while since I’ve given an award speech. For 2 years, awaiting my 5th album… Thank you so much to our fanclub Airens for always being such a strong support, because of you all I am always strengthened. And to someone I really respect, Hook Entertainment’s Representative Kwon Jin Young, I want to say thank you again. Thank you again to everyone for enjoying my 5th album.  Always with sincerity and diligence, I will give it my all in doing music. Thank you.

Congrats again to Seunggi and Airens!  Despite being super busy traveling outdoors for 1 night 2 days every other weekend, filming long hours of a 10+ guest show with a strong heart every week, public service and CF shoots, and fighting that cough and cold~~~ you sounded AWESOME! 

And SNSD girls performance is hot!  The song and choreography is like a mash-up of Gwen Stafani’s Hollaback Girl, Beyonce’s famous squat-stretch leg move from Single Ladies, and some other popular dance moves!  It’s not the deepest, most original song, but it’s got a great hook and the girls look gorgeous and dancing is great!  And never really followed Wondergirls, but all the girls were looking very pretty and sounded great.  Congrats to All~!

English: LSGfan, Video: SBSMusic1

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[Music Charts] Lee Seung Gi – Because We’re Friends

*** UPDATED – Day 28 [Nov. 23] Music Chart Rankings ***

D1- Seunggi’s 5th Album ‘Tonight’ dropped on October 27, which makes this Day 1 on the music charts for title song ‘We’re Friends‘ and other songs from his album.  Major competition from hip-hop queen Yoon Mi Rae (SuperstarK judge, wife and mom, and together with hubby Tiger JK, they are basically Korean hip-hop royalty; think Beyonce and Jay-Z!).  She released a few songs on the same day (also featuring her hubby), and Yoon MiRae and Seunggi were battling it out on the real-time charts all day.  Also, in the mix is Noel, making their comeback the other day after 5 years.  There’s a lot of serious competition…  but it’s okay, We’re Friends is simply perfect!

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