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Psy & Seunggi for 2012 Top 10 Korean advertisement models

Yes, this is one of those rare REAL scientific polls!  Conducted annually by KOBACA via Korea Media Consumer Research, the sample included 6000 persons, ranging from ages 13 – 64, residing in cities all across Korea.  Not surprisingly… Seunggi is in the top 10, at #2 and only shy 0.2% points from Psy who’s at #1.

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Seunggi to endorse new clothing brand HERITORY, joining other Sejung Group fashion CF stars

(Above LSG images are not Heritory brand; just my best concept guess?)

HERITORY launching event set for later today, 5pm.  Grand Hyatt, Seoul.  Seunggi, the face of the new brand, is expected to be there, as well as top stars endorsing other Sejung Group clothing brands:  Um Taewoong, Su Ae, Han Hyejin, Oh Jiho, Han Sangjin, Lee Sangyoon, Lee Sulah.  Was expecting a new clothing CF but woah, did not expect Seunggi to front a totally new brand!  That’s a lot of pressure!  But, the fashion concept really fits Seunggi (way better than previous streetwear FUBU!).  A HERITORY representative said, We chose Lee Seunggi as the model because his classy and sophisticated sensibility was a good match with the brand image.  The brand concept – A mix of British sensibility and American practicality.  Traditional.  Classic.  Casual.  Heritage + Story = HERITORY…

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‘CF King’ Lee Seunggi, already $7.5 million earnings this year!

Source/English:  LSGfan via Asiae/Daum

[August 19, 2011]  “Nation’s younger brother” Lee Seunggi is already closing in on 8 billion KRW ($7.5 million USD) or more from CF earnings this year.

With outstanding looks and competence, a sincere image, and even variety wit, Lee Seunggi has surpassed cream of the crop top stars  such as Jo Insung, Won Bin, and Hyun Bin and maintained the number one spot as the CF model most preferred by advertisers.

According to the Korean CM Strategy Research Institute, through the end of July, Lee Seunggi had appeared in the most CFs in Korea, totaling 11 endorsements that include Zipel, KB Financial Group, KB Card, Pizza Hut, Pyeongchang Su, Chung Jung Won, Sunkist, Activia, Perioe, The Saem, and Kolon Sport.  Furthermore, his CF appearances for electronics, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, and finance/banking touches various corners of the advertising industry.

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Fans say goodbye to Max Beer and hello to Perioe

Seunggi is no longer endorsing Max Beer (I don’t think CF partner Kim Sun Ah is anymore either).  Supposedly it was a really high quality, natural beer and popular in Korea.  The new model for Max Beer is Won Bin, one of my first real K-crushes!  Not bad for Seunggi to be followed up by Won Bin!  Max Beer went from Jang Dong Geun to Seunggi to Won Bin; not too bad, eh?   I don’t anticipate LSG taking on any beer cfs anytime soon; doesn’t really fit him…

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Won Bin instead of Lee Seung Gi in Max Beer CF?

According to this news article via DClsg, a new Max Beer CF is coming out on March 28th.  It looks like some sort of special project pairing stars and their film directors.  The CF was filmed on the 11th and included 7 actors (Won Bin, Kim Hye Soo, Park Shi Yeon, Ha Jung Woo, Go Hyo Jin, Ryoo Seung Bum, Lee Min Ki).  I don’t think they were paid for their involvment.

No mention of the current CF models Seunggi and Kim Sun Ah in this article.  And of course devoted DClsg fans are freaking out and wanting to call Max Beer to get to this bottom of this!!!   Um, when Seunggi replaced singer Rain as the pizza hut model, there was no advance notice, and we’re talking about worldstar Rain here!  Anyway, it sounds like more of a special project to me.  people need to chill out. :) 

Personally, I don’t really like the LSG image/concept in the Max CFs.  it’s like too way over the top and a little silly.  liking the more recent images of him in the cfs.  but hear that the beer is like a 100% natural or something like that and popular in korea.

you can check out LSG and KSA’s max beer cf from this past summer here.