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[2013.10.02] SBS One Night Recap – Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin talk bromance and their CF

* UPDATED – ENG-subbed video

(video: sgsairl)

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Lee Seunggi endorsements bring together LG Healthy Living & WeMakePrice

This is majorly meta~  “LG Healthy Living & WeMakePrice, Together with Lee Seunggi, 365 days of healthy teeth!  Perioe . The total oral care representative brand that takes care of the Nation’s people’s healthy teeth!”  WeMap has a  LG Healthy Living event up mainly for Perioe products, but it’s also advertising some of the other LG Healthy Living products, endorsed by some familiar females…

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WeMap/WeMakePrice ad prints – Seunggi in bowtie & flowers

WeMap needs to release a CF with Seunggi suited up like this… with the flowers!

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WeMap / WeMakePrice CF – Lee Seunggi & Lee Seojin’s noir ‘It’s cheap~~!!’ [GIFs]

[2013.10.01] Seunggi’s second CF for WeMap (WeMakePrice):
“The Absolute Advantage WeMap – Lee Seunggi & Lee Seojin’s noir ‘It’s cheap~~!'”
Omg, and the over-the-top filming continues into CF 2.  A 70’s noir film theme.  I just love it when Seunggi acts irritated and rude!  (in character, of course).  It’s like the return of easily annoyed, high-fashion, hot messy hair Hwan from Brilliant Legacy…. but in 70s ajusshi fashion and inexplicable hair styling in WeMap.  More GIFs….

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WeMap / WeMakePrice CF – Lee Seunggi & Lee Seojin show off kungfu skills [GIFs]

[2013.9.30] Seunggi’s first CF for WeMap (WeMakePrice):
“The Absolute Advantage WeMap – Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin’s kungfu match.”
With special cameo by beloved actor Byun Hee Bong (Cha Daewoong’s grandfather from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho).  I really like Seojin, but I SO wish they would’ve cast Shin Minah as Miho to be in this CF!!!  Hoi Hoi~~!!  The GIFs that keep giving…..

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