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Lee Seung Gi for Christmas & 2013 New Year WeMakePrice Endorsement Ads

Congrats to Seunggi (and Seojin) for major 2013 WeMakePrice advertising effect in Korea’s competitive social commerce industry!

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Lee Seung Gi – Lee Seo Jin suit-up and smile on the set of WeMakePrice CF snapshot session

(video: officialwemakeprice)

Hope they release the print version write-up shown in the video.  Looks interesting and gets at marketing strategy.  More of Seunggi and Seojin bromance, like real-life brothers… that is, a hyung that’s 16 years older for Seunggi!  You can sense a more established mature feel from Seojin, while Seunggi emanates a more youthful, playful vibe.  Seunggi can have perfect chemistry with ANYONE~~~ guys and girls, little kids, the elderly of ALL ages… since he’s all about helping others to shine.  He even has great chemistry with premium rice cookers and fridges! LOLs.

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Lee Seunggi’s catchy WeMakePrice radio commercial song

October 23, WeMakePrice video description~ “That song Lee Seunggi was humming to himself… Absolute Advantage WeMap radio commercial message revealed.” Not sure what they’re talking about.  I’m just waiting very patiently for a suited-up version WeMap CF to be revealed.  There’s gotta be one?!  The lyrics and tune of this radio ad jingle is cute… they should release a BTS making of this song!

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Reply 1994 – Na PD cameo recalls 1N2D golden era

HA. Seunggi’s worlds collide again,,…. Sung DongIl. Na PD. 1N2D. Kanari sauce. Puffy yellow jacket. Ddeng~! Ahn-dwep-nee-dah~! And even the current WeMap CF…

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‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Nation’s Porter’ Lee Seojin take on Noir – WeMakePrice CF behind the scenes

[Exclusive] ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Nation’s Porter’ Lee Seojin
take on Noir. 
Hilarious ‘Enter the Dragon’
October 17, 2013

English: LSGfan via Hankooki

The comical transformation of ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and ‘Art School Hyung’ Lee Seojin are making fans laugh out loud.  Lee Seunggi and Lee Seojin are gathering a lot of buzz for their hilarious noir acting in their recent commercial for social commerce brand, WeMakePrice (WeMap). 

The commercial spot, in which the two participated, has gathered more than 1.8 million hits on Youtube (currently, over 2 million hits).  The commercial has also been at the #1 spot for two consecutive weeks on the nation’s top commercial portal site for the first and second weeks of October.  We reveal behind the scenes from the unabashed, comical commercial from ‘Nation’s Man’ Lee Seunggi and TVN’s ‘Grandpas over Flowers’ porter Lee Seojin…

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