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Seunggi performs at Chanel Korea company holiday party

Dec. 5, 2011.  OMG, on this day, when I read Seunggi showed up at Chanel Korea‘s year end company holiday party, I was SO excited!  CHANEL is my mom’s and mine ALL-TIME fave classic handbag and fragrance brand!  The classic quilted Chanel bag is timeless AND the “now and forever fragrance” Chanel No.5 is still the only scent my mom wears till this day!  But as usual… Seunggi + [Cody & Hairstylist] = OMG WTF!!!!

Omg, LOVE Chanel’s dazzling holiday campaign- christmas2011.chanel.com

So, I’m in GLEE because it’s CHANEL + SEUNGGI!  But then, it’s like DEPRESSION because of his despicable HAIRSTYLIST!!  Why the poofy, feathered, ajusshi hair for him… for a Chanel event?!  OMG.  So disappointing.  So annoying.  (but I’m used to this now, which is why I can only post a whiles after the fact- to avoid the expletives!!)

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Recap of 1N2D Awards [2010 KBS Entertainment Awards]

Korea’s most popular variety show, 1 Night 2 Days, had a good showing at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards.  Four of its five members were nominated for awards, with three winning awards:  Best Entertainer Award (Eun Ji Won), Excellence in Entertainment Show (Lee Soo Geun), and the second highest award following the Daesang~ Best Excellence in Entertainment Show (Lee Seung Gi).

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