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Everyone misses 1n2d!!!!

Seriously, it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen 1n2d!  Everyone misses these guys and netizens have been totally upset about all the cancellations!  I only discovered 1n2d while catching up on everything LSG after seeing him for the first time through kdrama Brilliant Legacy, and now I can’t imagine not getting to see this show every week! 

Sure, for LSG fans, Seunggi is the highlight of the show, but it’s the mix of all the guys together that makes it hilarious and so touching.  Love these guys and love the amazing production staff!  And based on screen captures of the upcoming episode, looks to be another hilarious episode…

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SeungGi on 1n2d (3/28): Viewers Trip Pilots underwear gift!

(photo credit: DClsg)

What were the hyungs teasing Seunggi about?

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Lee Seung Gi and the Pilots do 2pm’s Heartbeat

More clips from the recent 1n2d Viewer’s Trip.  Loved seeing LSG hanging out with those pilot guys in his group.  And was super happy to see LSG perform with the group; he looked great at the end!

(credit: jiwonified2) Thx g1 for uploading these clips! I miss your old YT account!

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New photos from 1n2d Viewers Trip

 New photos posted by LSG’s Pilots group on thier cyworld on 3/6

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