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Singapore 2013 – Lee Seunggi sings live, tosses guitar pick

(video: Sashimi Dou)

September 2013.  Singapore “The Brilliant Show” live + fan meeting.  Tosses guitar pick into the crowd after singing ‘Tonight,’ just as ‘Love Taught Me to Drink’ starts~~  More of THIS Lee Seunggi please!!  This fan meeting had best outfits + hair.  LOLs.

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Postcards from Tokyo fan meeting [photos, videos]

Fans at the recent Tokyo fan meeting got a pack of these photo postcards of SeungGi.  These came out a while back but I’ve been hesitant to post them because aside from like two super stylish GQ-esque outfits and shots, some of the concept photos of Seunggi had me a bit squeamish! ha ha ha… But since Seunggi’s fans heart him no matter what (mainly because we know he can’t help what his management and cody decide!), I will post them all.  So for non-hardcore SeungGi fans, please be understanding… :)

SeungGi fans say goodbye to KimC

KimC clips from 1n2d set to MC Mong’s I love you oh Thank you and Hot Potato’s Confession (English version)…  from 1n2d fan and video extraodinaire Koolbrosia…
omg, just love these 1n2d guys so much… close to 3 yrs together is a long time! :)

(cr: koolbrosia)

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Osaka fan meeting, KBSWorld, fancam & pix (4/11/10)

On April 11, 2010, Seunggi was in Osaka, Japan for his third Japan fan meeting this year.  Per earlier post, the event sold out in a few hours on the first day of ticketing.  It was held at the the very modern NHK Hall.

Back in February, he had a Tokyo fan meet and then did Brilliant Legacy promotions with HyoJoo in March.  And Seunggi’s still getting a lot of love in Japan!

Video links…

(All Videos: kengarmy; uao@soompi)

LSG enters to kick off the fan meet

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