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Preview: 1 Night 2 Days [1N2D] Supporting Actor Special

Set to air in two episodes on June 12 and 19 (PD Na mentioned it could be extended), PD Na recently talked about the Brandname Supporting Actor Special…

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Seunggi answers Bar Exam question on 1n2d, in Jejudo!

Loved Black suit Seunggi from 1n2d Jejudo/Gapado Part 1 ep, and bright yellow windbreaker-plaid shirt Seunggi from the April 10 Part 2 ep was just as fashionable!

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The buzz on Sunday’s MBC I am a Singer + Seunggi cooks 2nd place dish on 1N2D

*** UPDATE: MBC, KBS, SBS comparison real-time Sunday night ratings ***

1 Night 2 Days is still my fave variety show, but I’m loving MBC’s new Sunday show, “Survivor: I am a Singer.” And LSGfan isn’t the only one.  This “American Idol” like show featuring 7 older, veteran respected singers (as opposed to Kpop idols) has gotten a lot of buzz since it started airing just a few weeks ago, and already has higher ratings than the previous shows it replaced. But it’s also been mired in controversy all week after only 3 broadcasts because contestant, nation’s singer Kim Gun Mo, was given a second chance to return to the survivor-esque show, despite the public’s votes putting him in last place for his performance…

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1n2d’s new Actor line: Heartwarming Seunggi-Taewoong

Special 1n2d video/translation post to celebrate Uhm Tae Woong’s first 1n2d and PD Na’s newly created “Actor Line” duo! Anyone else loving this new pairing?! Already being referred to as the heartwarming brothers, can’t help but to smile at Seunggi and Taewoong together (especially after LSGfan’s fave hyungs, Kim C and Mong left)…

Taewoong-Seunggi’s first 1n2d, 2011 March 7, 13
(All videos: Tryp96; English translations: LSGfan)

HD: The new recruit is watching.
SG: Ok! Can I go ahead?
JW: Seunggi, are you going to be okay? Why is your hand so cold!
HD: Why don’t you say a few words to our new recruit. What sort of awesome water plunge and message do you want to relay to him?
SG: First of all, I sincerely welcome Uhm Tae Woong hyung as part of our family. And especially today, as a welcome ceremony, I will joyfully and happily plunge into the water. Really, as a celebration. Plunging in the water, you can’t just dip your toe in. I’ll show you how it’s done. 1 Night 2 Days~ Always~ Fighting! 1 Night ~ 2 Days! I’m off!

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The 3 casting rules: Uhm Tae Woong joins 1 Night 2 Days