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Seunggi – Music Bank, Inkigayo comeback after 2yrs [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

Congrats to Seunggi for his comeback on Music Bank (Nov 11) and Inkigayo (Nov 13)! And sounding GREAT despite battling a cold and his crazy schedule! WHO else has their first comeback in 2 years, and is making kimchi at a volunteer event a few hours prior to that??!!~ (Believe me, having helped my mom, it’s super exhausting!)

And Seunggi getting Music Bank #2 and being in Inkigayo Take 7 is pretty daebak!! Come on, he was up against SM Ent’s beloved girlgroup, 9-member SNSD! And now there’s JYP’s The Wondergirls‘ comeback… so congrats to Seunggi for holding his own (especially considering he’s got a totally clueless management company!)~

Interview + Comeback Stages, 2011.11.13

INKI #1 – INTERVIEW with MCs IU and Sulli [ENG] (Cracking me up! Awkward + Cute!)

(video: ENGrapport)

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After School joins main CF model Lee Seunggi for The Saem

Last month, girlgroup After School signed with The Saem cosmetics company, joining main endorsement model Lee Seunggi.  The Saem launched its brand with Seunggi a year ago in 2010, implementing an ambitious growth plan, opening a new The Saem store/counter in Korea, on a what seemed to be like a weekly basis!  And looks like the brand is in the planning stages of expanding into other parts of Asia…

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Netizen vote nominees, 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards

In addition to SeungGi’s recent SBS MC Daesang nomination, more nominations for our fave MC Lee Seung Gi and fave SBS show, Strong Heart…


Idol-Actor Report Card from the experts [Article]

When did Lee Seung Gi become an idol?!  Can you even be an idol as a soloist?  No offense, but wish some of the press would stop lumping SeungGi in this category just because they feel like it.  Yes, he is an actor and he is a singer; an idol he is not.  Or at least I don’t think he is! Anyway, I still liked this article because the ranking wasn’t some random online survey or poll where fans just vote multiple times!  The report card is based on input from drama CPs, film representatives, and other industry experts; and Seunggi is #1 (again!).  Read the entire article…

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Korean stars cheer for World Cup team via CFs

Koreans and our love for soccer… and CFs and celebs!  And the World Cup cheering campaign marketing is already out in full force from top companies and their CF star models. For example, in the (Chosun news) photo above:

– Kim Yuna, Big Bang, and rockers Transfixion for Homeplus Hyundai
– Lee Seung Gi for Pizza Hut
– 2am and Han Hyo Joo for Jambangee
– Jang Dong Gun and Shin Min Ah for some brand
– Lee Min Jung for Basic House

And it’s possible (not definite) that we may see another new SeungGi Pizza Hut CF…