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2011 Asia Song Festival: Lee Seunggi, U-Kiss tweets photo with Sunbaenim, and SNSD Yoona shows respect

*** My bad!  LSGfan is just like Seunggi = Me is Heodang! ***
Original title [2011 Asia Song Festival: Seunggi, U-Kiss tweets, and Yoona] changed!

[October 15, 2011]  Asia Song Festival.  Thought Seunggi would debut his new single ‘Time for Love’.  I guess a high-profile event broadcast all over Asia is not the best place to try out your song publicly for your first time!  I was kind of hoping for a surprise guest showing by Kim Yuna for ‘Smile Boy.’  She and Seunggi need to sing their song together just once live!

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Ukiss DongHo impersonates SeungGi in noodle CF

Looks like LSG’s CF contract with Dongji noodles really is no more…  This very similar looking CF started airing yesterday.  Like the whole set, concept, and slurping were practically identical to LSG’s CFs…

(cr: kissmeukiss)

DongHo is very cute but he could learn a few things about expressive slurping by reviewing some of Seunggi’s older CFs!  :) Gagwoman Park Misun doesn’t seem very natural; the mother-son relationship of LSG and top actress mom is hard to beat.  Compare to LSG’s June 2009 CF…

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