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Seunggi talks Epitone Project and his 5.5 mini-album songs

* Updated with ENG-subtitle. Click CC to turn it on.  Thx Loen Ent! *

Give twitter@epitoneproject some love!  He tweeted about Seunggi’s album release!

And just a few snippets from the Loen Entertainment Coming Soon Interview~~
(Loen said it was going to upload English subtitles in a few hours)~~

(video: LOENENT)

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Sneak peek: Seunggi in knit poncho for upcoming Instyle?

Looks like a Navajo-ish knit poncho or big scarf, and rolled up jeans on Seunggi?  (That’s why he was happy to don the Disneyland Micky Mouse poncho afterward!)  Hm, I was expecting some modern, urban-chic typical fall season concept, but the sneak peeks so far suggest a more rustic, nature-outdoor backdrop concept…

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More Instyle phototweets and Seunggi shares his vitamins

Aw, loved Photographer Oh Joong Seok’s phototweets during the Instyle photoshoot in Hong Kong.  And are we at all surprised that Seunggi shared his vitamins with each and every person after they wrapped, telling everyone they worked hard!  The sense of responsibility and care for the production crew, whether it be photoshoot, drama, or tv program~~  it’s stuff like this, he does regularly, makes us all love him all the more!!

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Photographer Oh Joongseok tweets ‘Seunggi and me’ photo

* Just noticed Oh Joongseok also photographed Seunggi for December 2010 Ceci. Now it makes sense why Mr. Oh referred to Seunggi in a casual, informal way in his tweet.  Aw, glad they got to work together again!

Gorgeous backdrop.  Simply lovely.  So natural.  Just like our Seunggi Lee… Love Photographer Oh Jongseok’s photo tweet!  Can’t wait to check out the pages of my fave magazine, Instyle’s September edition.  For my fave fall fashion season!  Really hope twitter@geniusoh has more goodies during Seunggi’s stay in Hong Kong this week~~!!

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So-called reporter Kim Yong Ho (김용호) cries out for help!

Hope our grounded and beloved Seunggi’s positive energy rubs off on Kim Yong Ho!

I don’t usually get into this kinda stuff, but wow…  I feel more very very sorry for this so-called reporter, rather than despising him.  Korean press writes crazy articles all the time, but this Kim Yong Ho (김용호) dude – twitter@charogne6 – really needs professional help!  Various K-sites say he’s got a notorious track record for regularly writing trashy toned, unsubstantiated articles, targeting popular stars and younger singers, and that Rain even had to sue the guy!  Such a sad way to live your life…

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