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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi: 5-min Music Broadcast, EP 3

Episode 3. Nov. 15. Seunggi appears on a radio program.  Well, sort of.  To promote his album.  And DJ Byun reads a letter from a fan that says she met Seunggi, that he proposed to her, and actually kissed her!  DJ says she’s crazy!!!  Hm, what’s up with the part about an actress Seunggi supposedly likes?!  I’m guessing that it was supposed to be just for fun?!~ And live singing of “Tonight“~~

(video: Beedance07) Thx Beedance!

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Seunggi – Music Bank, Inkigayo comeback after 2yrs [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

Congrats to Seunggi for his comeback on Music Bank (Nov 11) and Inkigayo (Nov 13)! And sounding GREAT despite battling a cold and his crazy schedule! WHO else has their first comeback in 2 years, and is making kimchi at a volunteer event a few hours prior to that??!!~ (Believe me, having helped my mom, it’s super exhausting!)

And Seunggi getting Music Bank #2 and being in Inkigayo Take 7 is pretty daebak!! Come on, he was up against SM Ent’s beloved girlgroup, 9-member SNSD! And now there’s JYP’s The Wondergirls‘ comeback… so congrats to Seunggi for holding his own (especially considering he’s got a totally clueless management company!)~

Interview + Comeback Stages, 2011.11.13

INKI #1 – INTERVIEW with MCs IU and Sulli [ENG] (Cracking me up! Awkward + Cute!)

(video: ENGrapport)

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