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[Music Charts] Lee Seung Gi – Time for Love

*** UPDATED – 4 weeks later, Day 28 (Nov 10) Music Chart Rankings ***

Seunggi’s 5th Album is expected to drop on October 27.
Day 1 for ‘Time for Love’ on the Music Charts is October 14, 2011…
Pretty much “All-Kill” on the music charts… I sense Daebak~~!

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Lee Seung Gi – Time for Love [ENG + ROM] & Bonus Teaser

(video: seunggitown)

(video: Beedance07; English: LSGfan, Tryp96)  Big thx to Beedance and her crew!!!!

I was nervous about the much buzzed about ‘bad guy’ concept thing, but um, bad guy – this is definitely not!  Not sure how I feel about his character in this song, so I’ll wait to see the music video to see how it plays out.  There’s no denying he’s the real deal as a singer, and like all things Seunggi, you just can’t help but to love and support…

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Song Teaser: Lee Seung Gi – Time for Love [ENG]

(Video: Beedance07)


YES~ I’m here!
YES~ I’ve gotten pretty!
Don’t worry about how you say it…
You feeling embarrassed is too cute!
YES~ We should…
YES~ I want to date you!

Lee Seung Gi – Time for Love ~~~~ FIGHTING!!!!

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Han Hyo Joo to narrate Lee Seunggi’s single ‘Time for Love’

[October 13, 2011, Entertainment Today]  Heartwarming Guy Lee Seunggi is returning as a musician after 2 years with the song ‘Time for Love.’
LSG: Should we… do you want to date?
Yes!  Yesterday the teaser for Seunggi’s single was revealed.  Sitting on the sofa, he sweetly asks Should we date? to some person.  ‘Time to Love’ is getting a lot of attention as Seunggi was directly involved in the writing of the song.  It’s been revealed that actress Han Hyo Joo, whom he had great chemistry with in drama Brilliant Legacy, will be doing the narration (hope it’s of video, not song).  Seunggi’s song is planned to be released tomorrow.

Video: Leeseunggiworld, English: LSGfan

I really hope the actual song has no narration!  Never imagined this sort of reunion between Seunggi and Hyojoo.  Hm, should be interesting, especially considering her recent comments about Seunggi and So Ji Sup when asked about falling in love…

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