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Seunggi, After School: The Saem Chaga CFs + Making [ENG]

15 sec, Chaga serum CF vs.
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – Hoi Couple cut!

Seunggi for CF Making Film [ENG]

30 sec, Chaga serum CF [ENG]

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Seunggi, After School, new Hallyu power for The Saem CF

Woah, the new marketing of The Saem is fresh and fun, capitalizing on the unique charms and popularity of Seunggi and After School!  Having launched its brand with Seunggi one year ago, The Saem renewed his contract and also recently signed After School, similar to the marketing model of other competitors.  Looking to expand abroad, The Saem is touting the new Hallyu power of Seunggi and After School…

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Seunggi with new highlights for The Saem CF? [BTS photos]

*** CORRECTION: These are NOT new highlights! Yet, I’m still very excited! ***

OMG, I see reddish/brown highlights in Seunggi’s hair?  Yay!  I hope it’s not just photo lighting!  And he STILL looks like a model um-chin-ah!  The sort of straitlaced bow-tie, suspenders, button-down shirt probably help with that!  Thumbs up on the trendy, what looks to be leather, skinny suspenders!  And per the OHP blogger, looks like we’ll get to see a great vibe and good chemistry in the upcoming new CF and ads…

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After School joins main CF model Lee Seunggi for The Saem

Last month, girlgroup After School signed with The Saem cosmetics company, joining main endorsement model Lee Seunggi.  The Saem launched its brand with Seunggi a year ago in 2010, implementing an ambitious growth plan, opening a new The Saem store/counter in Korea, on a what seemed to be like a weekly basis!  And looks like the brand is in the planning stages of expanding into other parts of Asia…

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Daejun underground The Saem Seunggi fan signing May2011

This was kind of cool. Two weeks ago, the May 31 The Saem fansigning was held at the Daejun shop, one of the many stores located in the underground subway mall!  Plus, finally happy to see an acceptable look for a Seunggi fan signing event!…

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