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Two sides of Lee Seunggi at Taiwan fan meeting [2012.09.02]

Charismatic hot ‘Slave’ singing Lee Seunggi


Cute sweet smiling laughing Lee Seunggi

(videos: 믿고보는 이승기)

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Seunggi charms at Taiwan press conference [2012.09.02]

[September 2, 2012] Taiwan Press Conference.  More awesome HQ photos from the press conference in Taiwan, pre-fan meeting, at facebook.com/capataiwan and wretch.cc/blog/capatw.  We need to see this lovely, smiling, laughing face back on Korean TV asap!  Huhuhu.  We miss Seunggi~~~!!!!  Photospam…

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Seunggi in canary yellow shirt, leaves Taiwan [2012.09.03]

Oooh, another nice t-shirt upon leaving Taiwan!  Nice buttons touch and canary color.  Love the round-neck silk(?) lined shirts he’s been wearing.  Similar to blue shirt when arriving in Taiwan.  More simple t-shirts = Yes!!!  But not snug enough = Nooo!!!

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Seunggi in blue hue fashion, arrives in Taiwan for fan meeting

[2012.09.01] Oooooh, nice shirt… bright blue round collar-lining and navy blue for the rest.  Crisp white pants perfect for the weather.  Nice, comfy-light shoes (not shown) perfect for travel.  Probably fave Tod’s?!  Simple, must accessories for guys – nice big watch and stylish wallet/passport case.  And lovely orchids lilies wrapped in matching blue tissue paper/wrap to welcome Seunggi!  Simply perfect!  So Cody, why throw in this particular jacket… into this fine mix?  Hmmm…  Whatever.  Moving on…

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Taiwan fans welcome Seunggi at the airport! [2012.09.01]


Arriving at Taiwan airport, through gate…

(video: Pun Chick)

Welcomed like Lee Jaeha king-style!

(video: jonghyun0408key)

Scream-reduction version!  Great camera work on staying with LSG!

(video: qoosaxzq)

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