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Ideal guys Taecyeon and Seunggi on Strong Heart, and actress from Seunggi’s 2007 White Lie music video guests

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

July 26, 2011. Strong Heart. Taecyeon was a guest and he was being his usual very cool but adorkable self! His Korean-American upbringing makes me feel connected to him. Like he acts and talks like most of the Korean guys I know. He and Seunggi are such stark contrasts in some ways, but they’re both so charming!  Taec’s like the football player in high school all my girlfriends and I wanted to go to parties with and date; and Seunggi’s like the soccer player, school president we all studied with, admired, and wanted to marry some day! Hahahaha.

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Yoona prefers Princes or Beasts: Seunggi or 2pm Taecyeon?

*** UPDATED with more Behind-the-Scenes photos ***

Seunggi serenades gagwoman Lee Young Ja on last week’s Strong Heart, and everyone finds it cute and endearing (Part 2 of that episode airs tonight).  Anyway, when Seunggi is linked to Yoona (even if it’s all for fun), people freak out.  Why?!

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