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SuperStar-K Kim MinJi sings Lee Seunggi’s ‘Music Time’ and makes Top 10

(video: 예솔 김) Whoa~ from Seunggi’s very first album~~

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Kolon Sport ‘Lee Seunggi parka’ prize on TVN’s ‘3 Idiots’

(video: BBQMobile)

December 16, 2012.  TVN 3 Idiots.  New non-edited cable variety show with Sugeun, Jiwon, Jongmin and Jun Hyunmoo, from Lee Myung Han PD, formerly with 1N2D.  Special ‘guest appearance’ @2:50~4:00~ Chance to win daebak gift… the Lee Seunggi parka!  Another Kolon Sport ‘Lee Seunggi’ item?!

LOL! at the hyungs mimicing Seunggi’s print ad pose – TVN 3 Idiots Ep 11 intro cut.

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[Daily Music Charts] Lee Seung Gi – Return (이승기-되돌리다)

* Updated – DAILY charts – After 4 weeks – December 19 (Day 28)*

After 4 weeks – [Dec 19] DAY 28- After 4 full weeks, on the 28th day since its release, Return – #1 (Melon, MNET, Monkey3), #3 (Naver), #4 (Cyworld, Soribada, Daum), #6 (Bugs). Congrats to Seunggi!

[Dec 10-16] Weekly Charts- Scroll to bottom. Return still going strong on weekly charts – #1 on six charts, #2 on three charts, #3 and #4 on two charts. The other songs from the 5.5 album, including the song Seunggi wrote, still ranking!

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Seunggi for SuperstarK’s KB Card CFs + Ulala Session wins!

Seunggi as Superstar K judge – KB Card CF
KB Kookmin Wise Card… As expected.
My point is… Exactly that!
The more you use, the more points you get.
The strength or Korean life – KB Kookmin Card.
(English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggi01)

KB = Kookmin Bank.  Kookmin = Nation.  Perfect match for Nation’s younger brother Lee Seunggi!  The cute Superstar K themed CFs started airing recently, and since the singers on the show (Ulala Session and Busker Busker) and lovely judge Yoon Mi Rae have been killing it on the music charts, I finally checked it out.  Well, just the final season 3 episode.  I knew KB Card was a big sponsor, but didn’t know it was THE sponsor.  The yellow logo cups are hard NOT to miss!  Plus, Seunggi’s KB Card CFs open and end the show!  But aside from that, Ulala Session’s finale win, tears, and thanks were SO touching!  Check out the clip and read what they had to say…

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 16, 2010): Seunggi, KARA, John Park, Huh Gak