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2011 Shining Drama Stars Best 10 – Gallup Korea

Unlike most random K-celeb polls, this one comes from Gallup Korea (wow, an actual polling organization!), which has conducted the annual poll since 2005.  For the 2011 Shining Stars Gallup surveyed 1,728 persons of all ages 13 and older across Korea, between Nov 18 and Dec 7.  (Reporting a confidence level of 95%, sampling error of ±2.4%, which basically means its a good representation of how Koreans feel!)  But most important — Seunggi is the only star on the list despite not doing a drama in 2011.  Wow!  And congrats to Hyun Bin, who continues to set the standard for best-case scenario on ideal timing to enlist for 2-year military service!  Last year, Seunggi, Hyun Bin, veterans Go Doo Shim and Lee Soon Jae also made the list…

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HERITORY site launches, promotes musician Lee Seunggi

HERITORY.com is basically launching its brand as Lee Seunggi’s Heritory.  Very much a compliment, but omg, the pressure!  Launching anything is a challenge, but parent company Sejung Group has an all-star line-up of established brands.

Clear branding, messaging of their concept looks good so far.  Nostalgic, clean-cut, preppy feel has a Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, J-Crew vibe, but will probably be less expensive.  And I know Koreans love our Burberry, but surprised by the emphasis on “British.”  Maybe it’s more like the British ideal of “civilized” and “mannered.”

Website videos and images make it even more evident that Heritory plans to launch its brand on the Lee Seunggi image.  Nice focus on Seunggi the musician to promote his concert.  Curious as to whether photo quotes are from Seunggi or Heritory reps…

Video – British. Classic. Modern. Traditional. 1946. Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seunggi’s Heritage Story. Heritory. Heritage + Story. 2012 S/S Coming Soon!

Video – Please welcome Heritory model Lee Seunggi!
LSG: Happy to see you, I’m Lee Seunggi. I am the Heritory model, so first off, I’m very happy to see you. I will give it my all and work hard as the model to make Heritory a top brand. So, everyone please support and show a lot of love for Heritory. Thank you.

Videos: leeseunggi01, English: LSGfan

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Seunggi to endorse new clothing brand HERITORY, joining other Sejung Group fashion CF stars

(Above LSG images are not Heritory brand; just my best concept guess?)

HERITORY launching event set for later today, 5pm.  Grand Hyatt, Seoul.  Seunggi, the face of the new brand, is expected to be there, as well as top stars endorsing other Sejung Group clothing brands:  Um Taewoong, Su Ae, Han Hyejin, Oh Jiho, Han Sangjin, Lee Sangyoon, Lee Sulah.  Was expecting a new clothing CF but woah, did not expect Seunggi to front a totally new brand!  That’s a lot of pressure!  But, the fashion concept really fits Seunggi (way better than previous streetwear FUBU!).  A HERITORY representative said, We chose Lee Seunggi as the model because his classy and sophisticated sensibility was a good match with the brand image.  The brand concept – A mix of British sensibility and American practicality.  Traditional.  Classic.  Casual.  Heritage + Story = HERITORY…

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