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Kim Yuna & Lee Seung Gi are 2013’s Top Preferred CF Models [Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation]

December 30, 2013.  According to the results of the nation-wide survey conducted by the Media Consumer Research (MCR), the Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) revealed that Kim Yuna ranked #1 as the 2013 top preferred CF model at 7.0%, and Lee Seunggi ranked at #2 at 6.3%.  Kim Yuna has continuously ranked at the #1 spot for the 2009, 2010, and 2011 years, while Lee Seunggi has continuously ranked in the top 3 for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 years.  Last year, Psy ranked at #1, followed by #2 Seunggi, and #3 Kim Yuna.   The full 2013 list includes:

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[ENG] Lee Seunggi & Kim Yuna congratulate KBstory

Hello, I am KB Financial Group endorsement model, Lee Seunggi. I sincerely congratulate the opening of KB Story. *clap clap clap* (So cute!) Everyone please participate in the event while you’re here. On KB Financial Group’s official blog, underneath the KB story congratulatory video, if you leave a congratulatory message, you will receive a gift if selected. Go ahead and participate now. *bye bye*

Listening to your stories.  KB Financial Group. KB Story.

English: LSGfan, Video: KBstory

Check out congratulatory message page at www.kbstory.com/2450/

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Psy & Seunggi for 2012 Top 10 Korean advertisement models

Yes, this is one of those rare REAL scientific polls!  Conducted annually by KOBACA via Korea Media Consumer Research, the sample included 6000 persons, ranging from ages 13 – 64, residing in cities all across Korea.  Not surprisingly… Seunggi is in the top 10, at #2 and only shy 0.2% points from Psy who’s at #1.

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Lee Seunggi, gymnast Son Yeon Jae, other athletes for KB

Meant to post this last month, but been busy and forgot!  The KB Card SuperstarK CF reminded me!  This was the October 6th KB Good Job Business Fair.  Wanted to post because Seunggi showed up looking like a MILLION bucks~~!  Perfectly attired for the event, he could’ve passed for a KB Financial Group VP!  Top ranking KB executives, Seunggi (CF model, as if you couldn’t tell from the gigantic banners!) and the very cute rhythm gymnast Son Yeon Jae were at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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