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Euro 2012 soccer and travels with Lee Seung Gi in Poland

I feel like I’m scrapbooking LSG’s stop-over trip in Poland!  Getting paid to travel and write for Lonely Planet would be a dream job… so, thank you Seunggi, for helping me hone my writing through LSGfan!  So, after being surprised by fans at Warsaw airport, looks like LSG packed in lotsa stuff during his short stay.  Love all the fan photos shared online!  Hope Manager Friend took lotsa photos too and plans to share!

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Kim Hyun Joong talks Lee Seung Gi: Music comeback battle, ringtone preferences, 7-0 soccer match

Hyunjoong’s on a promotion blitz for his mini-album, and was asked about Seunggi on two radio program visits.  When asked about battling Seunggi, since both made a music comeback around the same time, I was really surprised by his frank and honest response.  Loved the juicy tidbits he revealed about Seunggi’s ringtone and that his team totally got destroyed by Seunggi’s soccer team!

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1N2D Lee Sugeun talks playing soccer, drinking, showering with a “flawless” Seunggi [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

Sugeun so cute and animated talking about “flawless” Seunggi on popular SBS radio program.  Aw,  Sugeun’s love for Seunggi!  He’s probably still feeling bad about not reciprocating Seunggi’s love for that 1N2D match game!  What he had to say…

(video: ENGrapport)

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Student-Singer Seunggi on his school president days and his ideal type of girl [2006 Come to Play, ENG]

These 2 videos were posted previously on LSGfan with English translation text, but a dear and precious Seunggi fan subbed these clips and emailed them to me.  Totally took me by surprise.  Thanks Rapport!  Seunggi definitely has committed fans who find ways to keep up with all his stuff even despite not having regular internet access!

Seunggi talks about his school president days
[10.13.2006, Come to Play]

Promoting his 3rd album.  Wow this was 5 years ago!  So stylish!  Perfect hair, v-neck white shirt, black jacket!  How come we RARELY get to see THIS Seunggi anymore!  Cody, please bring this breezy stylish concept back please!  Or at least for the album please!  Something about Seunggi and MC Yoo Jae Suk always makes me smile…

And promoting his 2nd album, seven months prior on Come to Play.  Woah~ his look and style is SO different!  Omg, he looks SO young!~~

College student Seunggi on his 2nd album and ideal type
[2.24.2006, Come to Play]

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Leeteuk-Eunhyuk on Seunggi paying the bill, being a good drinker, and soccer exaggerations!

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

Strong Heart. July 19, 2011. Hodong spills – with a twinge of jealousy! – on how Seunggi, Teuk and Eunhyuk recently met up for the first time(!) to eat and have drinks together. The story was funny when revealed first on SuKiRa, but seeing Seunggi react was hilarious! Teuk said it was the first time he met up with another celeb friend out in private like that so all the guys were nervous! Seunggi insisted paying the bill. And they crack up talking about Seunggi’s tendency to get all chatty and majorly exaggerate after he’s had a few drinks!

(video: Rapport2010)

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