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Samsung’s new Zipel unveiling + contract renewal [Aug 2010]

SeungGi and Samsung were all over the news on August 23rd because Samsung Electronics announced that a contract renewal had been signed with Seunggi, premium kitchen appliance brand Samsung Zipel main model.  And today, Samsung and Seunggi unveiled the new Zipel Assak kimchi fridge…

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Extra ticket for Baeksang Awards

(credit: DClsg)

Per DClsg, a fan is looking for someone who wants to go the Baeksang Awards with her?  Something came up with her friend at the last minute and she’s unable to go, so she has an extra ticket.  Would love to get my hands on that ticket! :) 

Anyway, Baeksang Awards will take place in about 9 hours.  Per the previous post, looks like LSG and Hodong had a long Strong Heart filming session, and then LSG has CF filming today before the Awards show.  So hopefully, he’s not too exhausted. 

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