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Lee SeungGi and Kim Yuna have finally met? BTS photo

*** UPDATE 4 – LSG-KYA World Cup song and CF still not released

*** UPDATE 3 – see more BTS photo of LSG-KYA

*** UPDATE 2 – SBS may jointly use LSG-KYA KB Bank song/ad

*** UPDATE 1 – statement from Hook Entertainment

(original post, 5/15/10)

Having received much love through the KB Bank CF aired during the olympics, fans have been waiting for SeungGi and Yuna to finally meet up in person.  This Behind-the-Scenes photo from what looks to be KB Bank’s World Cup campaign ad was just posted on DClsg.  Looks like SeungGi and Yuna really met this time around…


Lee SeungGi and Kim Yuna record World Cup song together

Expect to see Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna together for another KB Bank related ad campaign, but this time they will sing a duet song together!  It was revealed today that KB Bank CF models, LSG and KYA have recorded a song together for the upcoming World Cup and it’s making top news of course!

It can also be viewed as Kim Yuna formally putting her name out there as a singer (a KB Bank rep says that there is no truth to the reports that this song is some sort of singing debut platform for Kim Yuna, and stated that the song is planned to be used primarily for the World Cup campaign; via Star News),  Furthermore, it was revealed that KYA’s part is about 30-40 seconds long; it’s unclear whether LSG sings the rest of the song or whether this newly rearranged piece is a shortened version…

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