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Strong Heart, TV Ratings (June 22, 2010): 2nd week no broadcast due to world soccer

South Korea… we’re headed to the Round of 16!
Woot Woot! Dae – Han – Min – Guk! South Korea! Hwaiting!!!

To celebrate, SeungGi-Yuna’s KB Bank/SBS world cup cf with the athletes…

(cr: leeseunggi01)


Making of SeungGi-Yuna World Cup CF video

Too bad they had to film the majority of the song and cf separately and again be shown via composite footage!  But the moments of SeungGi and Yuna together are too cute.  It really seems like SeungGi treats here more like a younger sister than anything else!  Yuna totally makes me laugh when she has her burst-out-laughing moments!  It looks like our Seunggi was totally cracking her up!  and omg, at Seunggi almost choking while tooting that horn! ha ha ha.  Just love them both…

(cr: leeseunggi01)

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SeungGi-Yuna’s official WorldCup song/video “Smile Boy”

OMG, SeungGi and Yuna really are the nation’s siblings…  Ahh, just love them both!  How can you not?!  okay, here’s the official version (ENG)…

(video: ONTD2)

(original post, 5/31/10)

The song was released on most portal sites at midnight on June 1st.  Per previous post, all proceeds from LSG-KYA’s song will go to support a fund for rising stars in soccer and figure skating, so if you’re able to access one of the Korean music sites, make sure to download the song at one of these online music sites links:

Mnet ~  Melon CyWorld/BGMBugs ~ Dosirak

Also keep up with the song’s MUSIC CHART rank at these links:
For most of the charts, the song won’t show up in daily charts until June 2 or 3.

Mnet ~  Melon ~ CyWorld/BGMBugsDosirak ~ Monkey3 ~

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All proceeds from LSG-KYA’s song to be given away

(cr: DClsg)

The rock version of SeungGi-Yuna’s Smile Boy song will be released on June 1st through varous online music portal sites.  KB Bank is also planning to release Behind-the-Scenes footage via their website and Twitter.  Further, it was revealed today that all proceeds/sales from the Smile Boy song will go towards a fund set up to support rising stars in soccer and figure skating…

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SeungGi and Yuna’s World Cup CF video is out!!!!

LSG fans have been majorly anticipating 2 things for a while…female casting for
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and SeungGi and Yuna coming together (for real, not via composite photos!) for a KB Bank CF.  And fans got both today!

Earlier, it was announced that Shin Min Ah would play SeungGi gumiho girlfriend and now the much speculated about LSG-KYA World Cup campaign CF is finally out…

(cr: leeseunggi01)

Looks like there was some composite photo stuff going on again (!) but they actually filmed together at the end.  Seeing Korea’s beloved uhm-chin-ahs Lee SeungGi and Kim Yuna singing LSG’s original song Smile Boy while cheering on Korea’s soccer team is simply perfect!

This CF concept is so fresh, heartwarming and unique compared to the other World Cup CFs that have come out of people wearing red and cheering!  KB Bank marketing ppl are seriously amazing!  Let’s get excited everyone!

Korea’s Soccer World Cup Team~ Fighting!!!!