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Profits from Lee SeungGi – Kim Yuna’s World Cup song support rising star athletes [article]

Public Service Seunggi out and about again~ after recently delivering coal to those less fortunate, two days later, Seunggi personally presented sponsorships, funded by profits from his and Kim Yuna’s KB World Cup campaign song “Smile Boy.”  And just guess who’s idea it was to donate the profits from the song in the first place?

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Seunggi sings and talks on Chocolate [ENG]

Seunggi FINALLY made a music program appearance after what seems like forever!  As part of SBS’s ongoing 20th Anniversary celebration, the Nov 14th broadcast of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate (originally recorded on Nov 3rd) included 2pm, Lee Sun Hee and Seunggi.  Check out interview and performance clips…

Seunggi and Teacher Lee Sun Hee interview [ENG]
Seunggi and Teacher talk about first impressions of one another, their shortcomings, and what they mean to one another. It’s very sweet and super sincere, and their mutual admiration and sense of pride as student and teacher probably made all the viewers watching dually brim with pride and sigh out of jealousy!

(credit: rapport2010)

A few excerpts from Seunggi and Teacher SunHee…

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LSG & KYA vs LSG & KHD~ Smile Boy (SH Photodiary)

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (August 17, 2010): Seunggi & Hodong sing Smile Boy, Jung Yong Hwa, 2am’s Jin-Woon

(cr: tryp96 tumblr) thx tryp! SeungGi-HoDong opening ment duet!


Fanmade MVs, SeungGi drama and variety cuts

Last year, I loved how they mentioned Brilliant Legacy on 1n2d and Seunggi freaked out when he had to do that mission in a wig, insisting that was the week of a mellow scene on BL!  And when Mong put the wig on Seunggi, he said think of this as the Brilliant Wig!  And since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho may be more light-hearted than BL, looking forward to some fun related moments on 1n2d! 

We’ve just hit July, so one more month before My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and the much anticipated OST track songs.  For those missing Lee Seung Gi the singer, here are some fanmade MVs set to his songs, including his most recent official MV…

Let’s Break Up, official MV

(cr: TwirlyBox)