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Gu Family Book: Seunggi preps with script and Director Shin

Director Shin Woo Chul (PD) is so intense!  So glad Seunggi’s working with him~~!!

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Seunggi talks what to expect for upcoming Gu Family Book

 photo 201304150810071210_1.jpg

All I can say is Suzy is a very very lucky girl to have someone so professional, mature, and generous like Seunggi as an acting partner for her first lead role…  especially at 7 years younger, and Seunggi having worked with actresses who are similar age or older, who were able to talk about the project and the acting craft with some depth…

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Seunggi – Suzy prep for first scenes with Director Shin [Stills]

Seunggi and Suzy practicing their lines on set with Director Shin.  I really want to hug these two for working their butts off and promoting the drama with so much love.  All Seunggi and Suzy fans, and fans of Gu Family Book and all the cast members…

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Seunggi’s next drama for early 2013! PD & Writer details…

* More details at Dramabeans [Lee Seung-gi and Suzy cast in fantasy sageuk]

OMFG!  I’m going to try my bestest not to say much until more details are finalized and official.  BUT, one thing’s for sure…  Actor Lee Seunggi is officially confirmed to make his drama comeback early next year!  I hate that he doesn’t do multiple dramas in a given year, but I like that he carefully considers his projects.  Nervously excited…

The drama is said to be a sageuk, but not traditional style genre.  I’m a little weirded out by the the description tagline posted on Naver… really?!  a male gumiho?!  Hm, how do I feel about that?  Maybe my Korean-English translation is off???  But his character is reportedly half human, half non-human, and will be new and refreshing.  And did I read somewhere, supposedly, also a doctor?!  *swoons*  I think the working title may be a play on words of some sort…

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