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Shin Mina talks Lee Seunggi and Lee Junki similarities

Shin Mina is still my all-time FAVE Seunggi Drama Partner girl-crush~~~~  She is ALWAYS so gracious, sincere, and sweet when asked about Seunggi… even 2 years out!  While, in the midst of filming the ending of her own drama!  I haven’t watched her drama yet (not a saguek fan, which of course will change when Seunggi’s new drama hits!), but whenever I see her, I always first think the amazingly adorable Hoi Couple and the sweetness that is Daewoong-Miho (Seunggi-Mina!)…

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Kolon Sport F/W never ever disappoints [2012 CF + Making]

Kolon Sport fall/winter CFs are never ever a letdown!  They continue to do such great marketing, concept branding…  refreshing music, gorgeous backdrop, Seunggi’s smile @0:24~~~!!!  Super excited for winter!  Can’t wait to hit the slopes this season!

CF Making: Kolon Sport F/W 2012 Collection.  All the laughing @0:24 @0:35 @0:45 – like it!  Hope they can still work together (even after Minjung eventually weds LBH!)

What Seunggi and Minjung had to say about the F/W clothes…

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[2012 F/W Heritory] Seunggi in camel leather jacket and tweed

OMFG~~~!!!  Ackkk!  Heritory  2012 F/W collection is so freaking awesome!  A perfect match and totally deserving of our dear Seunggi!  (note to Hook/Cody~ see how easy it is to make fans super happy and not pissed off, ranting about your crappy concepts!)  Heritory’s daebak goodies have me in seriously MAJOR glee fangirling mode!

2012 F/W fashion shoot imaging, Heritory main model Lee Seunggi photo~ Such dazzling looks and even good-hearted on top of that~
Feast your eyes with Lee Seung Gi’s photo and have a great day!

English: LSGfan via Heritory facebook

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Idol Ranking: Kiss King #2 Lee Seung Gi [ENG]

(video: beedance07 )  Yay!!!  Thanks Bee!!  You rock, as usual!!

[2012.04.20] Idol Ranking: Kiss King!  Another unscientific ranking/survey segment.  But it’s hilariously awesome!  Anything involving Seunggi’s drama kisses IS a must watch!  (btw, it’s weird whenever they include him as an “idol”~~!!  I prefer non-idol Lee Seunggi!)  Teased for his first kissing scene in Brilliant Legacy with Han Hyo Joo… he graduated to an array of sweet kisses with Shin Minah in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho…  and then recently aced his hot kiss scene with Ha Jiwon and earned mad respect for his The King 2 Hearts kiss scene!

It’s like a relationship evolution for Actor Lee with his actress partners~~!! Hyojoo is like his peer, friend? (he’s publicly expressed fondness for Moon Chae Won).  Minah seems most like his girlfriend type?  And Jiwon is his deep passionate soulmate?  Although these 4 very special girls are the ONLY female celebs with Seunggi’s phone number, his future wife will probably be some combo of all of 4 types??!!  Wah~~

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Lee Seung Gi picks Ha Ji Won as ideal type among co-stars, talks drama kiss, pizza CF [Section TV recap, 2012.04.15]

(video: leeseunggiworld)

[April 15, 2012.  Section TV. LSG cut]  On the set of new Pizza Hut CF filming.  Yay, new version CF soon!  But WHY the roomier-than-necessary cardigan??!!  Calling TK2H tailor to outfit Seunggi in real life!  But I like the CF concept.  After knowing only Lee Jaeha the past month, it’s a relief to see the REAL warmhearted Lee Seunggi…

Bad guy Lee Seunggi, in the role of Lee Jaeha in the The King 2 Hearts, has returned as warm-hearted guy Lee Seunggi. Our date with lovely smile guy Lee Seunggi starts now…

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2011 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 list

For the 3rd straight year, Seunggi (aka THE KING’s Prince Lee Jaeha!) ranked in the top 10!  (as did SNSD, Kim Yuna, and Park Jisung too).  LSG was #4 in 2010, and #7 in 2009.  He was one of few singers and actors (non-idolgroup, non-athlete) toward the top.  Congrats!!!  Counting down the final days till~~  The King 2Hearts ♥♥

* (Oops on the typo- #23 should be PARK MIN YOUNG)

Read more at – Allkpop: Forbes Korea ranks the ‘Top 40 Celebrities’ of Korea

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Remembering ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ Hoi Couple – Seunggi and Minah to both make drama comeback on MBC

Has it been THAT long since Hoi Hoi craze?!  It’s all so fresh in my memory.  I knew Hoi Couple would take on different partners, but I’m SO relieved both are returning to dramaland around the SAME time.  Then, they’re both in a “relationship” and not lonely…   Woong and Miho would be so sad and jealous otherwise!  Plus, both will be on the SAME channel (MBC)!  And both with top-notch partners (Ha Jiwon for Seunggi and Lee Junki for Minah).  Thankfully, Hoi Couple won’t compete against each other as King 2 Hearts will air first… at the much anticipated Wed-Thurs drama time slot!

Awesome fanmade MV of the best Hoi Couple – Daewoong & Miho scenes

(video: elyag22)

Seunggi sings ‘I love you from now on’ feat. Minah [HD]

(video: kayzkim)

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