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Seoul Music Awards backstage interview with Lee Seunggi

[2013.02.04] KBS Morning Show 생생정보통

The Seoul Music Award goes to~~ Lee Seunggi!
Winning #1 in mobile voting for the second consecutive year.

MC: Lee Seunggi won top 60.2% of votes and the Bonsang, he was a 2-crown winner.  We personally met with Lee Seunggi to hear how he felt…

LSG: Really, this always makes me more happy than other awards, this Popularity Award voted on by our fans. Continually calling a non-responsive mobile ARS, working day and night to vote, I really want to say thank you to our fans. It’s been a while a since I’ve been at the music awards… and with those such as Psy sunbaenim and other national singers, I feel happy just to be considered together in the lineup with them.

English: LSGfan, Video: geumju park

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Seunggi with Suzy, Sistar at Seoul Music Awards [Fancam]

After the Seoul Drama Awards ends… Seunggi IS the man!!! Hehe.
OMFG~~~~ Totally anticipating Gu Family Book~~~!!! KangChi and YeoWul~~

(video: 거칠게 다뤄줘)

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Lee Seunggi talks ‘Gu Family Book’ martial arts, wins two for 5.5 Album ‘Return’ [Seoul Music Awards]

22nd Seoul Music Awards [Seunggi cut]

@2:45~ Aw, LSG gives SHinee Minho a hug!

@2:50~ MCTak: I see our Lee Seunggi over there.
Suzy: Woot Woot! (Aww)
MCTak: Turn around, and raise your hand! (Suzy reaction jjang!)
MCTak: Lee Seunggi, show us a wave…
(OMG did he just do that on national tv?! So clever and he looks totally embarrassed! Cute! MC Tak’s LOL reaction says it all!)
MCTak: He’s really impressive (Awwww)

@3:40~ Presenter: In the audience, I’ll tell you all what you want to hear… Shinee! Super Junior! Lee Seunggi-sshi! And Big Bang! I love you all.

@4:10~ Congrats from Seunggi to Sistar~ hehe

@4:19~ Interview
@6:40~ Popularity Award
@7:50~ Bonsang Award
@9:20~ ‘Return’ live stage

English: LSGfan, video: seunggiairen (Full English below~~~)

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Congrats to 22nd Seoul Music Awards 2-win Lee Seunggi!

[January 31, 2013] Congrats to our multi-entertainer Seunggi!  What a great way to end 2012~~~ the daebak 5.5 Album and Return, so loved by everyone and critically praised!  And an even better way to start 2013~~~ winning both the Popularity Award and Bonsang!  Catching up on all the Seoul Music Awards videos now!  Will post the English translation in a bit, but first off… how can you not love this guy???!!!!

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Seoul Music Awards: 2-win Seunggi + speeches [2012.01.19]

Congrats Seunggi~~!!  Omg, Korean Airens are SO amazing!  Texting like mad and working their butt off to get Seunggi the #1 rank for the Popularity Award at a final 37.1% of the total votes!  Fending off 9-member SNSD Sones (SNSD won the 2nd one) and 13-member Super Junior Elfs!  Then, Seunggi won a Bonsang Award.  Seunggi’s award speeches + performances… read what he had to say below…

Popularity Award win

Presenters (President of High1 Resort, Actress Lee Yoon Ji): Should I reveal the first winner of the High1 Popularity Award?  Lee Seunggi. Congrats!.

MCs: Congratulations! Coming in #1 in mobile voting. He is the first winner of the the High1 Popularity Award. He receives this honor with 37.1% of the votes. As this is an award selected directly by fans, it is even more meaningful. Your acceptance speech please.

LSG: Thank you. As mentioned earlier, since this award is 100% voted for by fans, I am so happy and feel it’s that much more meaningful. Thank you to our fanclub Airen for working hard to allow me to win this award. Thank you for always being such a strong support. I will always work harder, thank you. And for working so hard with me and supporting me on this 5th album, I want to say thank you again to our Hook Entertainment family members, who I really depend on and respect. Thank you. I will work hard.

English: LSGfan,  Video: Tryp96

Bonsang Award win [@1:35]

Presenters: We’ll reveal the final Bonsang winner. The 21st High1 Seoul Music Bonsang Award – Lee Seunggi.

MCs: Wow, Lee Seunggi is really busy today. He just won the Popularity Award, and now it’s the Bonsang Award. No longer Nation’s younger brother, but Nation’s singer, Nation’s MC, showing us his varied talents. Having released Time for Love and Because We’re Friends, he is a Ballad Prince. It may seem that he’s good at everything, there’s one thing he can’t do… they say he’s not good with driving directions. Let’s see if he can find his way to the acceptance… Oh, he’s already there. Your acceptance speech please.

LSG: Invited to such a wonderful event, I’m very thankful to have received 2 awards. Honestly, promoting my 5th album after 2 years, I felt I was lacking in many ways, but I was able to get through it well because of our fans and the many people who showed a lot of love. I’m always thankful. A person I highly respect, a mentor I’d like to be together with always…  thank you again to Hook Entertainment President Kwon for helping me to make a good album like this 5th album and for always being by my side. And together for 10 years, our Hook Entertainment [executives] and all the Hook family, thank you again. There’s so many people to thank. For being by my side during the recording of all the songs and providing vocal direction, I want to say thank you to Lee Sunhee sunbaenim. Never being lazy, I will approach my music with sincerity, not forgetting my earlier days. Thank you.

English: LSGfan

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