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2010 Seoul Drama Awards, HQ fan photos

Love these high quality fan photos of super handsome Seunggi. Just a sampling posted here. See ALL the awesome photos at blog.naver.com/camemberti.  Seeing the photos together like this and in the awards video really do justice to Seunggi’s handsome, adorable, and sincere face. Again, easy to see how everyone can’t help but to like this guy! And Seunggi was so articulate and poised when interviewed…
All the more impressive and attractive!


2010 Seoul Drama Awards, Seunggi cut [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video and Seunggi’s tweet ***

(cr: rapport2011; tryp96 tumblr) thx rapport for encoding; thx tryp for uploading!

You could tell the MCs were very impressed with our Seunggi too!
Celebs can’t be liked by everyone all the time, but really…
As we always say… Who can’t help but to admire our Seunggi?!

Congrats Seunggi!!

Congrats to all the fans who voted!!!

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2010 Seoul Drama Awards, Seunggi press photos

*** UPDATED with more photos and photos deleted ***

First set of press photos are out.  Not really digging liking the helmet hair, but suit is good and I still don’t get why it’s so hard for Cody to get Seunggi a suit that tailored from top to bottom.  Overall, definitely way better than Baeksang look…


Seunggi expected at 2010 Seoul Drama Awards today

*** UPDATED with info about Seunggi’s scheduled award time ***

(cr: dclsg~ 2009 KBS Ent Awards; 2009 CF Awards; 2009 SBS Drama Awards)

Seunggi is expected at the 2010 Seoul Drama Awards to receive his Best Star Award for his Brilliant Legacy role.  The 4 actors OR actresses that received the highest number of online votes, representing different Asian countries, will get this award. Glad that Airen fans voted tirelessly for Seunggi, and that as we expected, he will be the sole actor representing Korea for this award!


SDA 2010 announces Best Star Award winners

(cr: dclsg~ 2009 KBS Ent Awards; 2009 CF Awards; 2009 SBS Drama Awards)

Please Cody, let’s suit up, hairstyle, and makeup Seunggi in the above manner for the 2010 Seoul Drama Awards, and nothing like that craziness you were doing for the Baeksang Awards earlier this year!  I’m still not fully over what you were thinking for such a big event like the Baeksang!  The 2010 SDA is equally high-profile and maybe even more so since it’s an international affair, so let’s not screw it up Cody…